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Pete uses a combination of humor, personal stories, and technical know-how to deliver his life-changing message. He has become a model of his primary speech “There’s a Winner Within You,” as he speaks from his experiences growing up in the foster care system due to his mother’s mental illness. It was in this unstable environment that he began to experience his struggle with weight, and paradoxically, where he learned the lessons that finally helped him succeed in overcoming this challenge.

Delivered with humor and passion, Pete’s talks cover topics such as “Winning in the Workplace” and “Team Work” to “The Most Important Number in Weight Loss.” Packed with stories from his own troubled childhood as well as inspirational episodes at The Biggest Loser ranch, Pete inspires and motivates every audience to which he speaks.

To make his events even more successful, Pete is a professional at tuning his motivational message to meet the needs of each audience. Before your event, we will send you our pre-program questionnaire so that Pete will be better able to tailor his message to meet your event’s objectives.

We’ll also help support your publicity efforts with sample press releases, marketing copy and photos. We can send you a media kit to help you plan and generate publicity. Whatever you need, we’re here to make your event as successful as possible.

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To learn more about Pete Thomas the motivational speaker, Download Pete’s One Sheet.  You may also Download Pete’s Media Kit which contains more information about Pete, PLUS client references!  To contact us directly by phone, call:  (646) 450-6214.

We are anxious to talk to you soon and remember:
“There’s a Winner Within You!”