Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

Biggest Loser Detroit Open Casting Call 2009


Another Detroit Open Casting Call has come and gone and here are a few of my basic observations.

Don’t be a drag

The more upbeat you are the better your chances.  Not obnoxious but upbeat.  Have plenty of energy.  Want to be here.  We had three casting directors in Detroit and they took about 5-7 minutes per table. You actually bore the casting directors if you are boring.

Don’t be a dum dum!

Read, read, read all my blog articles about the open casting call process.  Read everything online.  Watch the casting directors videos, listen to the podcast we did. Take it all in!

I am surprised how many people still come in looking shabby and unkempt.  Do you really think your going to make a good impression wearing an oily t-shirt?  Even if your a ‘good ‘ole boy’, look good!  I know this may conflict with the advice you hear about being yourself. Well maybe it doesn’t.  If oily t-shirts are what you wear regularly then come on down… Just don’t expect a call back.

Go it alone

If I really really wanted to be on the show I would come alone even if they were casting teams of eleven.  But I am like that.  I believe in myself and if they are casting a Biggest Loser football team I would come with the intention of making a great impression on the Casting Directors.  Even if they did not pick me this season, they would next season!  If you are desperate enough and have the ‘goods’ then you don’t let anything stop you. Come alone if need be.

No Pick Up Lines

People that meet in line and ‘pair up’ have never made it on the show. There is no story there. I don’t even know if they have ever gotten a call backs. Enough said.

You only get one shot, do not miss your shot to blow

At the call back you have one shot to impress the people that matter most.  Be very upbeat and energetic.  Review the videos and tips that are online. You are on camera.  This is not a job interview.  If your energy is low and your personality do not show through then your blowing it.

Special Thanks

I want to extend special thanks to the productions assistants Jason, Denise, Shelia and Pam as well as Contestants Amy and Shellay from Season 6 and Carla from Season 7 who were at the Casting Call for most of the day!  Ron and Mike from Season 7 had to fly to Boston on the day of the Casting Call and drove over a 1.5 hours north just to come by the Casting Call to encourage the fans who were in line before driving an hour back South to get to the airport.  Michigan’s  Losers give back!


I did not take video this year because some good friends did the work for me.  Check out the great footage Jenny DiDinato and Chris of MadeFitTv put together.  Check out their blog for comments and motivation as well.

Talk to you soon and remember,

There’s A Winner Within You!


2 Responses to “Biggest Loser Detroit Open Casting Call 2009”
  1. marylee says:

    Pete- I went to an open casting call, i felt like I was not really noticed, im not very confident.
    but my question is when will you get a call back? They told us 2-4 weeks is that true?

    thank you

  2. winnerwithin fan says:

    Pete–Thank you so much for coming out on Saturday and for the callbacks as well! Your tips and advice was SO helpful! Last season I went into the casting call and got a call back interview. I did not know about this site until the evening AFTER my call back interview and I will have to say that this time around I felt TONS better about my experience because I took your advice and the advice of other generous casting directors!!! I’m thinking back to people that have been on the show before and not all of their personalities are exactly the same (the show would be boring then right?) but even the people that were more laid back had energy. I think some people might say “well I’m not a high energy person” I don’t think you have to be bouncing of the walls to create energy in a room. What is some things you think people can do to create energy but at the same time not be obnoxious (I personally am a VERY high energy person but I have friends who are VERY interesting people but just not as bubbly as me and I’m sure there are people like that trying out this season that might like to see what you have to say about this.) Thanks for all you do Pete! It was a pleasure meeting you in person and I hope to see you again (and hope that you see me again really soon on Season 9)! :)