Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Biggest Loser Open Season 8 Open Casting Call Detroit



WOW! What a week! I am here at 10pm at the Book Cadillac Hotel in Downtown Detroit as the Casting Directors wrap up interviewing their last two potential Biggest Loser contestants. Thankfully these two ladies are hillarious so the time should fly by.

On last Saturday over 1,100 people came out and braved 17 degree weather for over 6 plus hours. Oh and that’s just to get inside the door! It is a minimum of another 2 hours inside. Approximately 30 people were called back for private on-camera interviews.

Enjoy the pictures and the video and come out to the casting call in your area. By the way, it takes time and effort to put together these pictures and videos etc. I do not get paid by NBC. Reward me by taking all the information and tips from this site and do a great job in the casting process and then get on the show and change your life!

For all the casting tips click on the casting category of my blog.

Talk to you soon and remember,

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One Response to “Biggest Loser Open Season 8 Open Casting Call Detroit”
  1. Will K. says:

    Thanks for all the great stuff you have posted Pete! I think the biggest part that I got out of it was be your self, but I think I already knew that but a little confirmation helped :) I had a call back on the Monday after the Detroit casting calls on the Saturday. I was in line since 530AM was outside til 1130 and then left at 130, but it was WORTH it. The ride has been great so far, hopefully looking forward for great things to come!