Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Biggest Loser Season 7 Week 14 Say it ain’t so Sione


If you did not know already, The Biggest Loser is a reality game show and big money is on the line.  At last weeks elimination the Blue team cousins of Sione and Felipe Fa were in conflict with the Father-Son Brown team of Mike and Ron Morelli. Ron did not pull any punches this week in sharing his disdain for the Blue team and promised to lay down the law, Godfather style.  I almost expected to see a Tommy gun appear from beneath Ron’s sexy rolls as NBC played up this stereotype.

Coming into this weeks show the contestants are informed that will not be getting a vote in this weeks weigh-in unless they win the magic Golden Ticket by eating through an amazing amount of junk food in the most calorically challenging temptation in the shows history.  One person will decide the fate of the contestants that drop below the yellow line.  That is a lot of power and most of the contestants jump (well hop) for the chance to gorge for the power.  I thought I was watching a post finale buffet as everyone but Kristen enjoyed a gastrointestinal poisoning fit for a casting video.

In the end Sione was sent home peacefully and in today’s conference call he explained how Ron controlled the game.  Sione says that initially all of Bob’s old team members agreed to form an alliance but he realized that Ron’s ‘alliance to us was not that strong’.  Sione maintains a great attitude about the situation and says that he ‘harbors no hard feelings’.  I wonder if I could pitch that show to a network – the Tongans vs the Italians.  What would I call it…?

Sione is now at home working to help his family lose weight by studying to become a trainer and sharing his Biggest Loser experience with his family members.  His brother has lost 40lbs and his sister has lost 12lbs with his guidance.

“The time on the Biggest Loser ranch is as much emotional as it is physical” says Sione as he shared with me the many breakthroughs he experienced on the show.  “I realized I had a pattern of quitting something to start something else”.

The 24 hour bike challenge helped him switch to “finish mode” while the car pulling challenge showed him he needed to “pace himself” instead of just taking off after something.  Finally he shared how the 1/2 marathon showed him that he can do “amazing” things.

We look forward to seeing him at the Biggest Loser finale in May looking like half the Tongan he used to be.
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  1. Dana says:

    Pete, where’s your week 15 recap? I’m absolutely addicted to these things. As soon as the episode is over, I’m waiting for your recap, and whatever behind the scenes insights you can give us. So where’s my Week 15 fix???