Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Biggest Loser Season 7 Week 16


As the Biggest Loser winds its way to an awesome finale we are in week number 16. There is a smaller film ‘crew’ on campus and yet there is still a two hour show to produce. That means you should begin to see more of what the contestants are really like.

After a Good Housekeeping sponsored quiz show and an anticlimactic challenge we head to the weigh in.

At the weigh-in Helen from Michigan of the Yellow Team and Kristin from the Purple Team fall below the yellow line and are up for elimination. The Brown Team colludes against Mike’s biggest competition and Kristin is sent packing.

I had a chance to speak with Kristin via conference call today and she is doing absolutely great. She appears on the cover of Life and Style Magazine this week.

Kristin is a budding motivational public speaker and I often have the chance myself to motivate others so I was interested in finding out what is actually keeping her going.

Kristin shared that she gets motivation from ‘other people who are inspired by her journey’. As well, “The finale is motivation also and I expect after the finale, motivation may be constantly changing.”

When it comes to workouts Kristin explained that she had a ‘revelation on the ranch’ that she needed to make sure she did her workouts ‘For Yourself By Yourself’. This came about because her mom was an ‘early early morning person’ and Kristin herself was more of a ‘late night person’ so it was up to Kristin to get her workouts in on her own. Even now at home she hits the gym alone and if her mom can join her then it ‘is a bonus’.

That is a very good lesson for all of us to apply. Gather motivation from multiple sources but in the end you have to take ownership of the process and do the work for yourself. No one can force you to eat correctly. No one can force you to go to the gym. You must be willing to do it ‘For Yourself, By Yourself’.

Great advice Kristin. I look to see half of you at the finale’

So with three weeks to go we can see that Michigan is in line to have a strong showing at the finale’. Here is who’s left:

Helen Phillip
Filipe Fa
Tara Costa
Mike Morelli
Ron Morelly
Damien Gurganious – Eliminated
Nicole Brewer – Eliminated
David Lee – Eliminated
Daniel Wright – Eliminated
Cathy Skell – Eliminated
Kristin Steede – Eliminated
Sione Fa – Eliminated
Laura Denoux – Eliminated
Carla Triplett – Eliminated
Joelle Gwynn – Eliminated
Estella Hayes – Eliminated
Gerald “Jerry” Hayes – Eliminated
Blaine Cotter – Eliminated
Gregory “Dane” Patterson – Eliminated
Shanon Thomas – Eliminated
Amanda Kramer – Eliminated
Aubrey Cheney – Eliminated

Watch the update and check out John’s blog.

Talk to You Soon and Remember,

There’s A Winner Within You!

Pete Thomas


One Response to “Biggest Loser Season 7 Week 16”
  1. I think Mike did the right thing in eliminating his biggest competition. I know Kristin was upset and thought that was shady of him, but that’s how you play the game on that show: you do what’s best for you to win. However, they truly are all winners because they are saving their lives.