Saturday, December 16th, 2017

Biggest Loser Season 7 Week 17 – Final Week


This is the final week on the ranch for the contestants and what we don’t see is how very very hard they worked out for the opportunity to land in the final four. In the end Filipe did not make the cut gets sent home.

I had a chance to speak with Filipe Fa of the Blue Team this afternoon. As you might expect he is as jovial and as upbeat as he appeared on the show. I could not resist the chance to ask him about Train the Trainer and what it was like to push around Bob Harper.

“I talked soo much trash that day!” said Filipe.  He says they started off with Bob on the treadmill warming up at a speed of 7.5 and then bumped it to 8.5 then to 9.5 when Bob started complaining. Bob told Filipe “You have no ideal. I am going to kill you in this last chance workout.” Filipe’s response was “I don’t care! You have killed me for 17 weeks. I am going to make sure I take this opportunity to mop the floor with you”

When I asked him what was the hardest thing he had Bob doing, Filipe said “I had him crying when he was on that stair master.” as Bob was pushed up to a level 20! But “The hardest thing we had him do was the pull-ups – Jillian was yelling across the gym ‘make Bob do pull-ups. He hates them!’ So we had him do those and they didn’t show the portion where he was cussing at me.” Good thing :-)

I then asked Filipe about his attempts to change his family and what was the hardest part of attempting to do that,

“Nutrition.” says Filipe simply.  The challenge has been to teach the family that they don’t have to “eat less food” but to make “better options” which include eating more fruits and vegetables” and whenever the family buys meat to “make sure its lean”. Sounds like what I teach in class! Great stuff.

So with two weeks to go we have 3 of the 4 contestants from Michigan in line for the $250,000 grand prize. Tune in next week as the final four have an amazing challenge (Hint – remember the relationship with Rodale Press) and then the weigh-in leading up to America voting for a finalist. Here is who’s left:

Helen Phillips
Tara Costa
Mike Morelli
Ron Morelli

Damien Gurganious – Eliminated
Nicole Brewer – Eliminated
David Lee – Eliminated
Daniel Wright – Eliminated
Cathy Skell – Eliminated
Kristin Steede – Eliminated
Sione Fa – Eliminated
Filipe Fa – Eliminated
Laura Denoux – Eliminated
Carla Triplett – Eliminated
Joelle Gwynn – Eliminated
Estella Hayes – Eliminated
Gerald “Jerry” Hayes – Eliminated
Blaine Cotter – Eliminated
Gregory “Dane” Patterson – Eliminated
Shanon Thomas – Eliminated
Amanda Kramer – Eliminated
Aubrey Cheney – Eliminated

Watch the update and check out John’s blog.

Talk to You Soon and Remember,

There’s A Winner Within You!

Pete Thomas

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