Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Biggest Loser Season 7 Week 18 – Marathons and Makeovers


The contestants come back to California to run a Marathon and Weigh in. Now America will vote for which one of the Morelli’s should be a finalist.

Also have a listen as I explain some of the crazy things that happen that last week before the finale.

Here is who’s left:

Helen Phillips – Finalist
Tara Costa – Finalist
Mike Morelli – America Votes
Ron Morelli – America Votes

Damien Gurganious – Eliminated
Nicole Brewer – Eliminated
David Lee – Eliminated
Daniel Wright – Eliminated
Cathy Skell – Eliminated
Kristin Steede – Eliminated
Sione Fa – Eliminated
Filipe Fa – Eliminated
Laura Denoux – Eliminated
Carla Triplett – Eliminated
Joelle Gwynn – Eliminated
Estella Hayes – Eliminated
Gerald “Jerry” Hayes – Eliminated
Blaine Cotter – Eliminated
Gregory “Dane” Patterson – Eliminated
Shanon Thomas – Eliminated
Amanda Kramer – Eliminated
Aubrey Cheney – Eliminated

Watch the update and check out John’s blog.

Talk to You Soon and Remember,

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Pete Thomas


7 Responses to “Biggest Loser Season 7 Week 18 – Marathons and Makeovers”
  1. Paolo says:

    I wanted to know on the orignal aired version of this episode they play a song before tera crosses the finish line for the marathon….can anyone tell me who sings it and the title of that song? its been driving me crazy trying to find out and my dvr erased that episode.

    thanks! please email me,

  2. graized says:

    You asked us to comment on what we’d like to see when you visit for this season’s finale. I personally want to hear from two people. One, I want to know how Danny felt his experience was and if he thinks he got cheated out of it because he really deserved to be there and Ron pretty much squashed that when they were up for elimination.

    Secondly, I want to hear from Ron, Mike and Max as to why they decided to apply with Ron and Mike instead of Max and Mike. It seems the brothers deserved the opportunity more than Ron did, who really wasn’t able to compete, and Max (as he’s said several times) saw the changes in Mike and felt left behind. I feel for the guy, I really do. I sincerely hope that TBL decides to follow his progress during the filming of next season.

    Thanks for your videos, Pete. You’re a real inspiration.

  3. Shelly (Westland Group) says:

    How long were thye home between the marathon last week and the finale?

  4. Kate says:

    Hi Pete,
    i’d like to see interviews with Kathy, Mike and Estelle. If possible could you ask Mike if he has a plan to deal with having enough to time to workout and find food options when he goes away to college.
    Thanks in advance

  5. Kathy says:

    I’m really interested in what caused Tara to gain all that weight. On one of the episodes she said that she had gained 100 pounds in the last year. How really does one go about doing that. So although her weight loss and determination is very impressive, I am more impressed with the other contestants that have been dealing with obesity for several years. Their weight loss and lifestyle changes seem more radical due to the longevity of living the unhealthy lifestyle.

    You look fab, keep up the great work.