Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

Biggest Loser Season 7 Week 8 Update Black and Blue Edition


I am doing weekly video updates on the current season for my buddy John Gonzalez of the Grand Rapids Press and his Going Gonzo Blog over at

This week there are major changes as teams are switched around. Bob and Jillian now have new teams. Oh my! Also Biggest Loser Casting calls have been announced. Have a watch and check out John’s blog.

Talk to You Soon and Remember,

There’s A Winner Within You!

Pete Thomas


2 Responses to “Biggest Loser Season 7 Week 8 Update Black and Blue Edition”
  1. Alkis says:

    LOL…wow nailed those Bob and Ron impressions. I tell you about that Ron, that cat is sly. I honestly wished I was there doing that 24hr biking challenge. I’m going to do something like that here at home to show that I’m not all talk and to see how it would feel. Damn, this season is great it’s just getting me more pumped thinking about how great I’m going to make this upcoming season (wishful thinking [staying tremendously positive]). LOL.

    I’ve been trying to do my own make shift imitations of those challenges at home to test myself. Those up downs took me a long while though.

  2. Loved the Bob impression Pete.