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Biggest Loser Season 8 Week 1 Recap



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Check out Pete’s recap on this weeks Biggest Loser episode.
Who’s left and who got eliminated? Take a look below.

They’re back! Yes it is the premiere episode of Season 8 of NBC’s The Biggest Loser and here is a quick run down of the show:

The story line is Second Chances and the story of Abby Rike is the most compelling in Biggest Loser history, having lost her husband and children in a head-on car crash in October of 2006.  She is an inspiration in overcoming obstacles for all of us.

15 new and 1 returning contestants, Daniel from Season 7, make up this season’s cast.  They are all unrelated ‘singles’ who are paired into teams.  Casting did an amazing job picking this group.

As usual bigger is better.  Five contestants weigh in at over 400 lbs and Shay weighs in at over 470+ plus pounds surpassing Daniel as the largest contestant ever. The big folk will be under heavy scrutiny and if there is a chance to vote one off, it will be Asta La Bye Bye Big Gal or Guy.

Bob and Jillian will be training together for most of the show.  No more Trainer against Trainer.  I bet Bob’s agent requested this change since Bob can win with Jillian around – lol 😉

This also sets the stage down the road to introduce another team of trainers to challenge Bob and Jillian.  The professional fitness world hates Bob and Jillian and it would be great to see some of the best real world trainers or strength and conditioning coaches come to the campus and try to duplicate what Bob and Jillian do.  It can’t be done but it would be nice to see others try and fail.

The advertising is looking better.  The California Health and Longevity Center is an advertiser and their ad was weaved into the story line really well.  Hopefully this type of advertising will continue and the product placement will not be so obvious.

The sweet new piece of exercise equipment this season is Jacobs Ladder. A self-powered, 40 degree incline, made in the USA piece of hotness.  Jillian is also pulling out some moves her trainer Steve used on her so the sweetness will continue.

America loves a big love story and this Season has that as Alexandra and Antoine are dating. Unfortunately the writers will not be able to capitalize completely since Alexandra got voted off week one – so sad! Right 😉

Who’s left and who got eliminated? Take a look below.

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Abby Rike
Alexandra White – Eliminated
Allen Smith
Amanda Arlauskus
Daniel Wright
Danny Cahill
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Liz Young
Mozziz Coach Mo Dewalt
Rebecca Meyer
Rudy Pauls
Sean Algaier
Shauntine Shay Sorrells
Tracey Yukich


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  1. Great blog! You have made some points I was not aware of, on weight loss. Thank you!

  2. we bought some exercise equipment from a local supplier and most of them are made in china. i do not know if those exercise equipment would last long.-~: