Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

Biggest Loser Season 9 Episode 11 Recap: Back to Singles Plus One Plus One



Back to Singles Plus One

In week Eleven of the Biggest Loser Allison informs the contestants that they’ll be competing as individuals again instead of teams but their elation is short lived as they find out that the eliminated players are vying for a chance to come back on the ranch.

However, in an unusual twist the current contestants will actually vote for the contestant who returns. In seasons past the returning player was determined by actual weight loss.

The eliminated contestants actually have to plead their case to the current contestants as to why they should be allowed back onto the Biggest Loser Ranch. In essences they are begging for their lives.  In a tight vote the current contestants vote to allow Victoria back on the ranch.

Get To Stepping!!

In another surprise the rest of the eliminated players begin a step-up challenge.  The first player to reach 1,000 steps wins a second spot back onto the Biggest Loser Ranch.  Of course this challenge favors the lighter weight contestants so it is no surprise to see Melissa make it back on the ranch.
I can guarantee that the newest additions to the Biggest Loser family, Victoria and Melissa, will not last very long.  This game is about weight loss and relationships and Victoria has not been able to build any relationships and Melissa damaged all of her relationships during her previous stint on campus. For this, however, Melissa and Victoria have immunity.
Emotional Damage

As the show rolls on the contestants begin to grate on each other’s nerves and Ashley questions Stephanie’s motives.  This is undoubtedly an omen of things to come as Stephanie is apparently struggling with the competition aspect of the ranch.

Weighty Weigh In
At the weigh in Sam and Stephanie fall below the yellow line and plead their case.  Stephanie ends up going home and will have to wait awhile before she is able to talk to her beau Sam again.  Yes it is true Sam and Stephanie have been dating since Week Three of the show.  By the way Biggest Loser has had more marriages than The Bachelor.  Stephanie is currently a size 12 and continuing to kick butt.

Biggest Fan
In a twist Wayne Vandenlangenberg appears live on the Biggest Loser scale to show that he has gone from 674lbs to 258lbs for a loss of 416 lbs.

Next week the contestants challenge each others to be the first to lose 2% of their body weight before any other contestants in order to secure immunity.

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Back to Singles Plus One

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