Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Biggest Loser Season 9 Episode 14 Recap: Friend or Foe of Food


NUP_137030_0470Food, Food Go Away
In the usual start-of-show twist Alison announces that not only will the kitchen be closed but there will be a food temptation.  Every contestant must eat all their meals from a room filled with both high and low calorie foods.  The person who eats the most calories will have the power to cast the one and only elimination vote.
Sam and Koli plot strategy and determine that Koli will over eat to insure that Sam does not end up eliminated.  To accomplish this Koli eats a remarkable 4000 calories!

Stairway to Heaven
In an ode to childhood games of blocks the contestants have to build a block tower to lift them off the ground up to a metal ladder.  Once they climb the blocks to reach the ladder they then climb even higher up the ladder until they reach their colored flag.  Darius wins this challenge and also receives a 1 pound advantage at the weigh in.  ONeal stumbles and injures his knee and receives a one pound disadvantage.  The pain in his knee does not compare to the pain in his heart as ONeal receives word that his brother has passed away from cancer.

Beauty and the Beach
In a special advertising segment for Danskin and Starter, Pro Volleyball star and Model Gabrielle Reece puts the contestants through a beach workout and then a splash in the ocean.  No one mistakenly called Greenpeace.

Weigh-in Woes
In a very up and down week for the contestants Koli overcomes his calorie binge to lose 3.7% of his weight.  ONeal also has an amazing week by overcoming his knee and his hurt heart and loses 8lbs. However his daughter Sunshine falls below the yellow line with Victoria, both for the first time.

Koli chooses Victoria to be eliminated.  This is expected since she has had the least amount of time to develop relationships on the ranch and gets scolded for her work ethic.  She is looking amazing at home with her Mom Cherita who also looks great.

Next week Jillian and the contestants go to Texas to help the people of one of the most obese states in the Union to change their habits.

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