Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Biggest Loser Season 9 Episode 3 Recap: Bye Bye Bob and Jillian – Almost


NUP_137030_1207Flash Back
This week’s Biggest Loser starts off with a review of Week 1 and we take a trip to the homes of the Blue and Yellow teams to see how they are progressing. I expect to see them back on campus within the next couple weeks.

Bye Bye Bob and Jillian – Almost
This week is called Teacher – Student week. One contestant (The ‘Teacher’) will be trained by Bob or Jillian and in turn must train the other teammate (The ‘Student’). That contestant (The ‘Student’) then must represent their entire team at the weigh in. Bob and Jillian will not even be allowed to talk to the other contestant (The ‘Student’).

The teacher and student are determined by whoever wins the Food Temptation. The teams must eat candy in the amount of 5 calories per piece of candy per round. The pink team wins control by eating a total of 2 whole pieces of candy for a total of 10 calories. The pink team gains control of the game and divides the contestants into what they hope will be in their favor.

Student Teacher Challenge
In this week’s challenge Teacher-Contestants unwind nearly 1000 feet of ribbon and wrap it around various playground equipment. Then the Student-Teammate has to unwind their own color ribbon while blindfolded and guided by the Teacher-Teammate. Confusing? Yeah. But it was a cool challenge.
In the end the Grey team wins the challenge and receives immunity and the power to switch one team of Teacher-Student Contestants at the weigh in.

Weigh In
At the weigh in the Grey Team chooses to switch up the White Team because they feel that Michael has not put in consistent effort in the gym this past week.

Also Bob and Jillian blow up at Melissa of the Red Team for throwing the weigh in and not admitting to it. She denies everything of course.

Our beloved Black team again hits a home run by easily staying above the Yellow line.

In the end the White team falls below the Yellow line as the Grey Team’s observations prove true.

Homeward Bound
In the elimination room the teams choose to send Maria home and she is doing wonderful even facing her fear of water head-on by inviting family and friends to see her swim!
Choosing to keep Michael, the biggest contestant, on the ranch may come back to haunt the rest of the contestants in future episodes.

Mind Matters
We see some amazing dynamics this week between Bob and Jillian as Bob actually tells Jillian to really push Migdalia and then Jillian passes Migdalia back off to Bob to repair the damage. This is psycho-analysis on the fly and it is an amazing thing to watch.

In a very interesting statement Miggy says: We come here to change our ways not change our personalities.

This is interesting because changing your habits sometime requires you to change who you are as a person. Think about that. If you internalize emotions and then self medicate yourself with food then you may have to change who you are as a person in order to become permanently healthy.

Ask yourself this question: What do you need to change?

Talk to you soon and remember,

There’s a Winner Within You!

Pete Thomas

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