Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Biggest Loser Season 9 Episode 2 Recap: Who Will Survive Week Two?


Purple-teamTicking Time Bombs
After coming off the disappointment and realization of having to vote off the first fellow contestants the Biggest Losers have a meeting with Dr. Huizenga. Dr H is a University of Michigan graduate who also wrestled for the Maize and Blue. Dr. H. shares with the contestants they are the sickest group in the history of the show. This is no surprise considering they are also the largest. It is amazing how all that extra fat leads to other issues which can be eliminated once the fat is taken off.

This week’s challenge is a Balance Challenge. Contestants will have to walk on a 3 inch wide beam across a pool while carrying a ball. This will have to be repeated 10 times.

The winner of the Challenge wins immunity while the last place team will be saddled with a two pound penalty at the weigh in.

Typically these challenges favor the ladies or in the case of a couple season, smaller couples. Sure enough the smaller Red Team wins by just a fraction over our Michigan team of Darrell and Andrea who come in a close second place.

Check Up

Dr H comes back to tell other teams of contestants the same basic news. Your incredibly fat and your killing yourself incredibly quickly. If any of the contestants were not aware of this fact already then a variety of new product advertisers were featured to make the point quite vivid to the contestants. Let it be documented that our Black Team favorite Darrell Hough cried on National TV and Jillian was not even in the room. Man up Darrell! Lol!
Last Chance Workout
Everyone is fearful of the Week Two curse and the Last Chance Workout can only be described as brutal, brutal, brutal. Oh, it is also normal and typical.
Weigh In
During the weigh in the smaller teams are at the greatest disadvantage during week two. At the weigh-in most teams deliver good numbers and the Grey Team delivers the quote of the night as they describe their time on the ranch, “This is a business trip!” That is great attitude.
Darrell and Andrea stay above the Yellow elimination line by losing 15lbs when they only needed to lose 10lbs. This helps push the Purple team below the yellow line and either the Mother or the Daughter must go home.

The contestants abide by the wishes of the purple team and vote off Pattie. She is shown at home continuing her weight loss journey. Pattie started at 243 lbs and has lost 43 pounds total. That is more than 10 lbs per month! Awesome.

Next week the contestants will select one contestant to represent the entire team at the weigh in. It promises to be fun!


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