Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

Biggest Loser Season 9 Episode 4 Recap: Red plus Green equal Mean


NUP_137030_0238The drama continues this week on the Biggest Loser as Red plus Green equal Mean!

The show opens and Allie announces a pop challenge. The contestants must run laps and collect magnetic cards and bring them back to home base. Then they must insert those cards into a card reader and collect points. (No this was not an advertisement for a hotel chain.) The team that collects 3 points will receive immunity and 3 powerful envelopes that can be used to assign a penalty to three of the other teams.
The Red Team wins this challenge and assigns the following to the other teams:

Brown Team – Receives the penalty of “No Access to the Gym”.

Green Team – Receives the penalty of a “Two Pound Penalty” at the weigh-in.

White Team – Receives the penalty of “No Elimination Vote” in the elimination room.

Red Team Drama

This season’s villains the Red Team, continue to claim that they did not throw the prior weeks weigh-in. I believe them over Bob and Jillian. Sure I do.


The contestants are suspended above a crane (is this a subliminal message?) and must operate a lift to pull themselves up to the top of the crane. To get to the top the contestants pull down on a large bar which lifts them a few inches at a time. This will be a very long challenge in reality but not in TV time.

Darrell has the quote of the week as he says that the teams that were in the lead “should be checked for steroids”. Truly funny!

The team that wins this challenge will receive phone calls from home for themselves and three other teams. This is especially important for those contestants with children at home. There is nothing quite like being in complete seclusion on the Biggest Loser Ranch. No telephones, no internet, no newspapers, no magazines, no blackberries. Nothing. Not only do you miss your family and friends but you even the people that irritate you!

The Grey Team wins the Challenge and chooses the Red, Green and Brown Teams to also call home. This is an opportunity to build alliances and unwittingly create enemies. Overall the Grey Team chose well. By the way, did I say that the Grey Team are my second favorite team?

Last Chance Workout

The trainers tag-team with each other to torture the contestants outdoors.
Weigh In
On the scale on Michigan Black Team of Darrell and Andrea Hough continue to kick butt by losing a combined 15lbs. They are safe for another week.

The Green Team prophesies their poor weigh-in numbers with some of the worse body language in Biggest Loser history and predictably fall below the yellow line.


At the elimination table the contestants send home Migdalia in a close vote. While her weight loss success continues her battle is really in her mind. If she masters her mind, she will conquer her weight.

On a side note some of us local Biggest Loser contestants will be appearing this Sunday at the University of Michigan’s Women’s Basketball game. Come out and say hello.

Talk to you soon and remember,

There’s a Winner Within You!

Pete Thomas

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