Saturday, December 16th, 2017

Biggest Loser Season 9 Episode 5 Recap: Regaining The Weight


NUP_137030_0162They’re Back!
As Miggy struggles with the loss of her daughter to the prior elimination and is mysteriously taken to the hospital in the middle of the night, the Blue and Yellow Teams return to the Ranch.
The Blue and Yellow Teams return was supposed to be a surprise but every contestant knew it was coming and no one even faked a weak surprise. The Blue and Yellow Team immediately headed to the gym to weigh in and are detoured by Bob and Jillian for a true last chance workout.

On the scale the Blue team loses nearly 10% of their body weight or an average of over 1lb per day each while at home. The Yellow team wins the right to return to the ranch by dropping nearly 2lbs per day and nearly 11.5% of their body weight in just 30 days. As a bonus they also get the one and only elimination vote.  Eliminating someone without having been on the ranch for the last 30 days will be especially difficult.

Bob and Jillian Beat Downs
Lest anyone forget how massive weight loss is achieved, Bob and Jillian remind everyone: Through incredibly intense, no-excuse workouts.  No you cannot even come close to imagining how hard it really is.

Super Bowl Super Challenge
The production of a Reality TV show like The Biggest Loser requires a tight production schedule. This episode was filmed months ago to coincide with this Sunday’s Super Bowl. Unfortunately there were no special appearances like last season where Kurt Warner showed up on the ranch on his way to the Super Bowl. Well not literally on his way to the Super Bowl but you know what I mean.

In this challenge each team must push a tackling dummy in see-saw fashion over 1,000 times. The contestants think it will be an easy challenge but soon realize that even small weights add up.

In the end the White Team wins the challenge with a less-is-more approach and is awarded immunity for the week. The last place Pink team will receive a two pound penalty at this week’s weigh in.

Snip Snip
In what I believe is a Biggest Loser first, Miggy returns to the ranch and reveals that she has lost weight, sort of.  She actually had surgery to remove a ruptured appendix as well as a cyst. Yikes!  Then like a true Biggest Loser she walks over 13 miles the day after major surgery. She is amazing! Why are there are no Medical School professors studying this show?  Oh I forgot, insurance pays for surgery not traditional weight loss.

Tearful Weigh-In
At the weigh-in Michigan’s own Darrell and Andrea remain safely above the Yellow Line.  In a sad turn John of the Brown team falls below the Yellow line and is immediately eliminated from the competition.

Next Week – Watch the first of a two part episode that surrounds the Olympics – GO USA!

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