Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

Biggest Loser Season 9 Episode 6 Recap: Road Trip!


NUP_137030_0195Road Trip!

This week the contestants start off with two big surprises. Alison Sweeney informs the contestants that they will be leaving campus for a trip to the Olympic Training Center in Utah. Then on top of that the teams will now complete as singles. Then in a third surprise it is announced that two contestants will be going home this week instead of just one.
The quote of the week is from Lance of the Red Team as he says “It’s crazy that being Fat got me to the Olympics.

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After a brief education from the USOC Nutritionist we are amazed to see Extra Sugar Free gum at the US Olympic Center. Wow, who knew?
Slip Sliding Away
In a Pre-challenge, Olympian JR Celski shows the contestants how to use the ‘slideboard’. Of course he makes it look incredibly easy. The contestants look much more human as they struggle and then learn the technique that’s needed to keep from falling and shaking the camera.

In a very tight race Sam of the Grey Team wins Gold, Melissa wins Silver and Sunshine wins Bronze. It amounts to nothing much as they penalize each other at the actual challenge.

Mere Mortals visit The Valley of the Gods

This week’s Challenge occurs in the Valley of the Gods. The contestants vie for immunity by competing in a du-athlon for big people. The contestants have to run a lap and then shoot another contestants target. When a contestant gets five shots against them they are eliminated. This gets repeated until only one contestant remains.

In the end O’Neil of the Yellow Team wins the challenge over our Michigan Man, Darrell.

Workouts Galore
Throughout the show the contestants meet some incredible Olympians and go through various workouts. One Olympian is shown Hula Hooping on one leg on a Bosu Ball – Incredible!

The Olympians themselves even take the contestants through a series of circuit training workouts that even amaze the Olympians with their duration and intensity. Check out this incredible article on Jeret Speedy Peterson and cheer him on in Vancouver.

The contestants also do a bootcamp class and a last chance workout that means more than any other. Being away from the ranch is a refreshing change of pace but is horrible when it comes to maintaining regular workouts.

Weigh In Blues
At this weeks weigh-in Melissa of the Orange Team falls below the dreaded Red Line and is immediately eliminated. Falling below the Yellow Line are Cheryl of the Orange Team and our Michigan Man Darrell!! Nooo!
As a result of falling below the Yellow line Cheryl and Darrell will have to compete to stay on the Ranch. They do this by balancing a torch stand on their head while in a squatting position.

Of course as I stated last week this is a two part show and we will have to wait until after the Olympics to see who is eliminated. I could tell you but then I would have to eliminate you!

Do something great this week in honor of the Olympics and see you in a couple weeks.

Pete Thomas


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  1. LW says:

    Hey Pete – the Olympic Training Center the contestants visited on the last episode is in Colorado Springs, Colorado! Not Utah! And the challenge was in Garden of the Gods. You should visit – it’s a beautiful city!

    Any plans do to any more triathlons? :)