Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Biggest Loser Season 9 Episode 7 Recap: Two by Two


D-Day for Darrell

MiggyMigdalia-150x150 NUP_137030_0109In a continuation of the prior episode (you remember the episode before the Olympics and Jay Leno’s move back to late night) we return to the Biggest Loser to find Cheryl of The Orange Team and our favorite, Darrell of the Black Team.
Darell puts in a yeoman’s effort but the squatting position gets to him and he gives out after nearly 10 minutes.  It is a tearful goodbye as he has to leave his daughter Andrea and return back home here to lovely Michigan.

How many calories will this cost me?

In another twist the contestants participate in a temptation challenge in the form of the game of Memory, Biggest Loser style.  Under each item in the memory game is a food item.  If you find the food match your opponent has to eat it.  If you don’t find a match you have to eat a cookie.  If you find the cards that say ‘Choose Teams’ then you have the potential to give yourself immunity and separate all contestants into Black vs Blue Teams.  This power is not as important as in years past since both Bob and Jillian have been training everyone.  However it is still a great amount of power.

Michael divides up the teams in the following manner:

Black Team

Blue Team

Michael also selects O’Neal to receive immunity.  He will join whichever team loses this weeks weigh in. The Blue team is stacked to do very well and as a result Jillian blows a gasket and then gets down to business with Bob as they train the contestants.

Tugging at Your Heart Strings

In a modified tug of war challenge the two teams must challenge each other by pulling a bag to the top of a building.  The Blue team wins the challenge and as a reward for their efforts receive letters from home.

Don’t Mess With Jillian, Dummy

At the weigh in the skill that is Jillian Michaels comes through as her Black Team wins in a not so surprising upset.  The Blue Team must deliberate and eventually send Miggy home where she receives a surprising visit from Nicole of Season 7.  Miggy is doing an awesome job!

While our Michigan Man Darrell was voted off he is doing quite well. He has dropped another 45lbs since leaving the ranch.  You can come workout with us in Ann Arbor, Michigan at the 1 on 1 Fitness Club .  You may have to come early since he works out between 4:30am and 6:30am.  We Losers get at it!!!!

Talk to you soon and remember,

There’s A Winner Within You!

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