Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Biggest Loser Season 9 Episode 8 Recap: Work It Off!


NUP_137030_0075 ONeal’s raw emotion shows through as he waits to see if his daughter Sunshine remains on campus. Once she safely appears O’Neal begins to rally his new blue team to focus on defeating the Black Team.

Work What?
In a very unique twist Biggest Loser will put the contestants to work in full time 40 hour per week job working for Feeding America. They will maintain regular work hours and observe regular gym hours. This will include a 5:30am wake up call and a 6:00am workout. For a moment I thought I was watching the Real World on MTV. This twist should prepare the contestants long term for the time when they return home to the real world.

My Aching Back!
In this weeks challenge the teams must push a 33,000 lb Semi Truck along a stretch of highway. Along the way the teams have to stop the Truck and load Puzzle pieces that are stacked along the road. Once they reach the finish line the teams unload the pieces and reassemble them. Blue Team comes through and wins free groceries for a year!

Work A Day Worries
For the next week the contestants put in their time at the LA Regional Food Bank, while squeezing in workouts and rest. Even Bob and Jillian comply with the rules, working the contestants hard before the lights in the gym shut off.

Weigh In Revenge
At this weeks weigh-in the Blue Team rolls to a victory because Sam does not have many rolls left. In the elimination room we say goodbye to the Orange Team’s Mama Cheryl who is already looking amazing! She will be awesome at the finale’

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