Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

Biggest Loser The Video Game for Nintendo with Pete Thomas


Kim Pardi, one of my Facebook family alerted me to this this morning.

NBC just announced that they are developing and releasing  The Biggest Loser Video Game for Nintendo Wii and DS in October 2009.

And, according to the website, yours truly, Pete Thomas, will be featured along with Bob, Jillian, Ali, Amy H, Michelle, Drea, Bernie, Matt and Jim!  How cool.

While I don’t get royalties my character had better keep his weight off once the game is turned off!!  Now I will have to get a Wii. Better yet, I need to talk to the game designers and see if they can give me a fake tan.

If your interested in reading the complete Biggest Loser Video Game press release click here or go to the official Biggest Loser The Game Web Site.

Talk to you soon and remember,

There’s A Winner Within You!


5 Responses to “Biggest Loser The Video Game for Nintendo with Pete Thomas”
  1. i love my Nintendo wii, i almost use it everyday because i am a video game addict. love the nice features.;:’

  2. i love playing all day on my new Nintendo Wii. this game machine adds new level on gaming interactivity.

  3. Callie says:

    I LOVE my Wii and Wii Fit and I can’t WAIT for this game. I’ve been waiting for something like this and I recently mentioned it on my site. Seems like a lot of people are anticipating it. I hope it doesn’t fail as badly as the first Jillian Michaels’ game. That just sucked. Are you sure about that fake tan? It might look weird on someones TV and turn you into a sort-of oompa loompa looking color.

  4. Congratualtions!! You deserve to be represented you did and are continuing to do an awesome job!

    So how would one get in touch with PR reps about trying out the game and giving it a review?