Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

NOW CASTING!!! NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” Season 14!!


NOW CASTING!!! NBC’s “The Biggest Loser!!!”

NOW CASTING!!! NBC’S “The Biggest Loser!” MEET THE CASTING DIRECTORS IN DETROIT THIS SATURDAY, JULY 30, 2011!! Click Here to Download the Detroit Open Casting Call flyer Casting Nationwide! Click Here to download the flyer with a city near you! Click on the Image Below to Get Your Copy of my “21 Tips to Getting Cast on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser”  Read More →

NOW CASTING!!! ABC Weight-Loss Talk Show for Women!

DOWNLOAD FLYER The Producers of “The Biggest Loser” and ABC’s newest hit “Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition” have a new daytime talk show for ABC that will help you shed the weight and get your life back! We are looking for inspirational and relatable WOMEN who are ready to drop 50-100lbs and regain control of their lives. On this show, we will provide you with a trainer and nutrition... [Read more]

NBC Schedules Extra Biggest Loser Casting Calls In Detroit And What It Means For You

NBC has opened up an additional Open Casting Call for Metro Detroit!  The casting call takes place this Saturday August 21st, 2010 from 10:00 am – 6:00pm. at the Gardner-White Furniture Store at 39453 Ford Road in Canton.  Michigan is like pure gold for NBC’s The Biggest Loser, as 13 contestants in the last 5 seasons have come through the Open Casting Call lines here in Michigan. Additional... [Read more]

Biggest Loser Season 9 Episode 18 Recap: America Votes

Home is Where the Heart is The show starts off as each of the contestants return home to hero’s welcome.  The contestants weigh in again in front of their families and then Alison Sweeney magically appears on the scale and informs the contestants that surprise, surprise, there will be an annual ritual for the contestants.  The Biggest Loser Marathon. As the contestants use different methods to... [Read more]

NBC’s The Biggest Loser is coming to Detroit this Sunday May 16th, 2010

BOB HARPER AND THE CASTING DIRECTORS FROM THE BIGGEST LOSER TEAM UP WITH MICHIGAN’S LOSERS TO ISSUE DETROIT A FITNESS CHALLENGE Detroit, Mich. – Over a third of Americans are not just overweight, they are obese. The question is, are you ready to change your life?  If so, then here is the first courageous step you need to take. Season 10 of NBC’s hit television show “The Biggest Loser”... [Read more]

Biggest Loser Season 9 Episode 16 Recap: It’s Makeover Week!

It’s Makeover Week! Ally meets the contestants and gives them the three words they have been waiting to hear: Its Makeover Week! Jonathan Antin meets the contestants and gets the clippers out.  This should be good since this season could easily be called ‘Hair’. As expected the makeovers and transformations are amazing!  While the ladies all look glamorous the guys are dressed... [Read more]

Biggest Loser Season 9 Episode 15 Recap: Tons of Texans

Tons of Texans The show begins with Ally informing the cotestants that they are getting a much needed break from campus and will visit the great state of Texas. Five cities in Texas have been listed as some of the most obese in the nation and the contestants most certainly relate to that. To start off the contestants do a media tour where they try to encourage Texans to come out to a 5k race.  At... [Read more]

Biggest Loser Season 9 Episode 14 Recap: Friend or Foe of Food

Food, Food Go Away In the usual start-of-show twist Alison announces that not only will the kitchen be closed but there will be a food temptation.  Every contestant must eat all their meals from a room filled with both high and low calorie foods.  The person who eats the most calories will have the power to cast the one and only elimination vote. Sam and Koli plot strategy and determine that Koli... [Read more]

Biggest Loser Season 9 Episode 12 Recap – Keeping Our Head Above Water

Biggest Loser Season 9 Episode 12 – Keeping Our Head Above Water That Was Easy In week twelve of the Biggest Loser, Allison informs the contestants that the first player to lose 2% of their body weight gets immunity for the week.  Each contestant must hit a button signifying they want to weigh in.  That contestant receives only one opportunity to step on the scale for the opportunity to win... [Read more]