Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

The 52-year-old full-time corporate travel agent was eliminated on Tuesday’s episode of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser.” She began the show at 281 pounds and lost … See all stories on this topic  Read More →

On Tuesday’s Biggest Loser, one team member had to teach exercise and nutrition lessons from trainers Bob and Jillian to their teammate, whose result at the … See all stories on this topic  Read More →

Watch as she calls a contestant’s daughter fat, but still fails to get the tears she craves. Vulture –  Read More →

“I went to the ranch to save my son’s life,” said Maria Ventrella, mother of the show’s heaviest contestant ever, Michael Ventrella. “Then I woke up and realized this is for [me], too!” The consummate caregiver had arrived on the ranch with goal, to help her son regain his health …  Read More →

As if on cue, Migdalia stormed out of the gym as Jillian was trying to rough her up. In this case, it was predicting that Migdalia’s daughter will also … See all stories on this topic  Read More →

NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” consistently transforms the lives of its contestants, but that doesn’t mean every one of them really wants to be on that ranch and do the necessary work to change their bodies. Last night we saw two instances … Premium Hollywood – Entertainment… –  Read More →

Star magazine has an eye-opening report about NBC’s unscripted weight-loss competition the Biggest Loser, mashing together provocative comments from trainer Jillian Michaels and former contestant Kai Hibbard to paint an unflattering … The Feed –  Read More →

Week three on the ranch! The cameras go home to visit with the blue team and yellow team as they prepare to come back to the ranch to weigh-in in just two weeks! Who would have guessed that the contestants were due for a temptation soon? The contestants walk upon Alison …  Read More →

Week three on “The Biggest Loser” brought a twist for the contestants: “Student/teacher week,” in which half the contestants were prevented from working with Bob and Jillian. In the end, they sent home a player who sacrificed herself for her partner.  Read More → Hello and welcome to another week of NBC’ The Biggest Loser: Couples. Last week, we said goodbye to Patti, who sacrificed herself so her daughter could stay … See all stories on this topic  Read More →