Saturday, December 16th, 2017

Pete Thomas Teams Up with Greater Flint Health Coalition and HealthPlus for County-Wide, Business-to-Business Fitness Challenge!

The Season 2 At-Home Winner Will Encourage Genesee County Residents to “Get Moving” at County-wide Fitness Challenge Kick-off Event September 12, 2011! CLICK HERE to see photos from this event! Ann Arbor, MI— Pete Thomas, the Season 2 At-Home Winner of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser,” is putting all Genesee County residents on notice:  “Get ready to MOVE!” ... [Read more]

Pete Thomas Hosts Cooking Demonstration with Executive Chef from Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” Initiative  in Washington D.C.!

      Pete Thomas and National Institutes of Health Executive Chef Robert Hedetniemi Whip Up a Fun and Tasty Cooking Demonstration in Washington D.C.! Washington, D.C. — On October 23, 2010, Pete Thomas, the Season 2 At-Home Winner of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” teamed up with Executive Chef Robert Hedetniemi of the National Institutes of Health, and Ambassador for First Lady Michelle... [Read more]

Had a hard 1pm run – Kinda hot but muggy and windy. Now I am at the coffee shop working. # I am preparing for a meeting while watching one of my favorite movies – ‘Heat’. Do they make movies like this anymore? # Completed a 70 minute run this morning. Hmmm – Maybe I need more than 150 calories for breakfast next time I run. # Finalizing a presentation that I will be... [Read more]

Finished my morning run – health goal – check. Now running to teach my class – help goal – check. What goals are you running after today? # – # I smell greatness. Maybe its b o. I always get the two confused # Hard at work after biking to the gym, working out and biking home. # Heading home. Long boring drive ahead. # Heading to work out in the... [Read more]

Headed to my weight loss classes. Todays topic covers Pt 1 of Intense Exercise. I wonder if Saturdays Triathlon qualifies as a good example? # Getting back in the groove. Saturday Triathlon, Sunday off day, Monday 30 min Run 30 Weights, Tuesday slacked off, Today 18 mile bike ride. # Thinking about a conversation Blaine, Matt and I had in the water at the Triathlon. Matt said ‘Well I must be... [Read more]

Wrote a blog post “I know your type…” # I am speaking tonight in Ann Arbor with Obesity Experts # Just finished my speaking engagement. I enjoyed the panel and did not cause problems even when I disagreed. Is that a good thing? # Just landed in San Francisco to complete a tri-athlon with other Biggest LoserAlumni. # [Read more]

One of my weight loss students challenged me to push ups on day 1 of class. I hate push ups. But he still got crushed! I’m Jillians spawn! # Back at the Detroit Biggest Loser Call Backs. Great people coming through! # Worked out one of the Biggest Loser Casting Directors this morning. Took it easy on her. Didn’t want her mad at the potential contestants. # This team attached their pics... [Read more]

inspiration hit at 5:30am. I outlined a play about people who have overcome obesity. We act out the stories of how we first became obese. # sending out an email inviting my LIF2 students to a special class with an Executive Chef. # Had a great class with our chef last night. I know your weight loss program offers that, right? # Come to the Biggest Loser casting call on Saturday [Read more]

headed to teach the only weight loss system ever created by a contestant based on his Biggest Loser and at-home success. … # Ready for bed after a day filled with 3 meetings, a 90+ minute conference call, 90 minute run and all the regular stuff. Opportunity knocks # Rode my bike to meet friends for an hour long workout at the track, created a facebook event, answered emails.... [Read more]

Just got word! Biggest Loser Open Casting Calls start this month, June 2009! Detroit is scheduled for June 27th, 2009. More soon! # just thinking – shouldn’t the same people who were against outsourcing be against foreign company ownership? # is trying to find some total immersion (t i) swimming videos # Ate extra lean turkey sausage and egg beaters for breakfast and finished my 60 minute... [Read more]