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Pete Thomas will give Keynote Address to over 2,000 Healthcare Leaders from 60 Countries!



Pete Thomas will share his Winning Principles for employee health at the Corporate Wellness Conference in Los Angeles, September 20-24, 2010 

Ann Arbor, MI
Pete Thomas, the Season 2 At-Home Winner of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” will share his winning principles with over 2,000 healthcare leaders from corporations and governments from around the globe at the 2010 National Corporate Wellness Conference and Word Medical Tourism Conference/Global Healthcare Congress, September 20-24, 2010 at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in Los Angeles.  In two power-packed Keynotes—September 21st and September 23rd—Pete Thomas will share innovative solutions with employers seeking to promote healthier lifestyles among their employees—and increase their bottom line in the process.

“Healthier employees lead to happier, more productive workers, and lower health care costs,” Pete states.  But often employees don’t necessarily “get it” when it comes to their own health and wellness—they often lack the information, motivation and tools to make permanent lifestyle change.  Pete uses the principles from his innovative Lose It Fast Lose It Forever™ program to help corporations design a program to help their employees achieve permanent weight-loss.

“I’m excited to be a part of this year’s Corporate Wellness Conference” states Pete.  “We need a strong, healthy workforce in order to compete in the global marketplace.  Each year millions of people watch “The Biggest Loser” on TV, but we can actually help individuals become “Biggest Losers” in their own homes and workplaces.  Everyone wins when we improve employee wellness!”

About the Conference
The 2010 Corporate Wellness Conference and Word Medical Tourism Conference/Global Healthcare Congress will include healthcare leaders, employers, governments and insurance companies from over 60 countries, as well as over 200 buyers and 140 exhibitors.   The conference includes speakers from corporations like General Electric, Microsoft, Citigroup, NASA, United Arab Emirates Ministry of Health, the American Medical Association, and Blue Cross Blue Shield. Visit or for more information.


About Pete Thomas
Pete Thomas is the Season 2 $100,000 At-home Winner of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” and the President of, LLC—a multi-faceted weight loss education and consulting company.  As a highly skilled TV personality, teacher, certified trainer, weight-loss coach and consultant, Thomas helps organizations and corporations design and promote wellness programs—including “Biggest Loser” style weight-loss programs— that get results!  His company also provides cutting-edge content for health and fitness oriented blogs, books and magazines—including the best-selling “Biggest Loser” book series.  Of the former Biggest Loser contestants, only Pete Thomas has personally created other “Biggest Losers” through his teaching and coaching programs.

Pete has appeared on ABC’s The View, The 700 Club, and eXtra, as well as being featured in People Magazine, Runner’s World, TV Guide, inTouch Weekly, Real Health and commercials nationwide.  A full time motivational speaker, weight-loss coach, consultant, and product spokesman for companies such as NordicTrack,  Pete travels and spreads his “Winning Principles” to organizations worldwide—both in person and through his website at  For an interview with Pete Thomas, contact Anita Lane at 646.450.6214.



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