Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

Dine and dash, make a splash, and stay at the head of the class.


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Where do you eat quickly and healthy?

Being overweight and unhealthy is easy. However, when you are overweight and unhealthy, being happy and self-confident is difficult.

Being fit and healthy is difficult. However, when you are fit and healthy, your smile and your positive attitude will come easily.

Many believe these feelings are mutually exclusive. Many believe they can be happy if they allow themselves to eat a pepperoni pizza and ice cream every day. Or, they believe they can be happy looking good in their clothing and seeing themselves in a mirror. They believe it’s impossiblel to have both. Happiness is an “either/or” situation in most people’s mind.

I asked on Facebook yesterday how can we possibly go, go, go …achieve, achieve, achieve …and still manage to make healthy food choices and fitness choices so we have happy hearts, hips, and lips all while having happy eyes because we smile when we see ourselves in photographs looking healthy and fit?

It can be done. Even when pressed for time, we can eat healthy and mix in some exercise. Today I want to discuss the best and healthiest quick-lunch options that will taste good and make your taste-buds happy and then, an hour after eating, you won’t feel guilty about what you ate. Instead, following my “fast food” tips, you’ll feel happy and energized.

Q’doba, Chipotle, or Baja Fresh – chances are you have one of these chains near you. Yes, they make great burritos and chimichangas. But do you know all of them make the same burrito in a bowl? Next time you’re in need of something quick, stop into one of these places and take notice – they have 90% healthy food in those places. Ask for a “naked burrito” and then top their Mexican chicken with lettuce, tomatoes, pinto beans (or black beans), some black olives, hot peppers (if that’s your thing), a scoop of guacamole, and then as much salsa from their fresh salsa bar as you can handle. Skip the cheese, skip the sour cream, skip the tortilla, and politely decline the tortilla chips. But load up on everything else.

A fancy grocery store (or really any grocery store nowadays): Somewhere there’s a grocery store that, long ago, put a salad bar and a fresh olive bar in their store and they must’ve hoped people might skip fast-food places and come visit their salad bar. Well, it must’ve worked because today you can’t find a grocery store that isn’t also trying to be a salad bar, buffet, or fast-food type place. If you have $6-$10 you were about to use for lunch, drive right past that burger joint and find these super, space-age salad bars. You can make a huge salad with bacon and eggs (protein, protein, protein), with peas, peppers, and three or four types of lettuce (I never knew there were so many types of lettuce) and you could actually make a $10 salad that you can eat for two days. And go with a simple vinegar and oil.

These are just two ideas. What are your quick-healthy-options? Share yours and maybe you’ll inspire someone to skip the super-size for a day.

Next week: No time for the gym or a run today/this week? I’ll give you quick-hit workouts you can do anytime …anywhere.

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