Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Do You Remember The Time?


Do youremember the time I remember the first time I heard Michael Jackson’s music.  It was somewhere around 1980 and I was in a group home for foster kids in Lansing, Michigan.

I don’t remember my roommate but I do remember this poster on the wall of his room.  It said Michael Jackson. Off the Wall. I had no ideal who this person was. I did not know that he would be the biggest musician of my generation. I just had no knowledge of him.

Then I remember that day I heard the song ‘Rock with You’. Immediately I fell in love with his music.

I know many will remember the time and place they first heard of Michael Jackson’s death but I wanted to chime in that I Remember The Time when I first heard his music. I am extending prayers to his family.

Pete Thomas


2 Responses to “Do You Remember The Time?”
  1. Jenn says:

    Michael Jackson was more beautiful a man than this earth deserved, it’s to bad no one knew that. Makes me cry still I Love him and miss him more than mere words could begin to define.

  2. Jenn says:

    I still cry when I think about it, I still have a hard time believing he’s really gone. My life was nothing pleasant and as a child and even still now Michael’s music and his words are my light throw my darkness. I don’t use the term fan, I believe in my heart it was a deeper connection, maybe becuz we’ve had like lives. But nonetheless his passing was hard on many. I as well send my love and prayers to his family, my only wish left now is that he find peace where ever he may be. I Love him deeply and will for all time, I miss him deeply too and it makes me cry and hurts my heart that he’s gone. Truth be told though, Michael Jackson was far to beautiful a man for this world. Just wish people would have treated him kinder and weren’t so ignorant and judge mental about him. He was truly a good kind loving man, a man most the world never got to know. Well at the risk of bawling my eyes out all night i’ma leave it at that… God bless you all. Be well.