Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

How Did Helen Phillips Win The Biggest Loser?


If you watched last nights live finale’ of The Biggest Loser on NBC you know that Helen Phillips, a 48 year old retired retail manager and mother of two took home the prize as The Biggest Loser by dropping an incredible 54% of her body weight.

The most incredible part in her story is her training once she left the ranch.

How did Helen do it?  By training like you should be training.  By training like an athlete.  She would meet the football coach at Mott High School at 4am every morning and run stadium stairs and flip tires and run sprints until she couldn’t walk any more. Then should would get up and do it again the next day.

Usually contestants leave the ranch and find trainers who do not understand the volume of training that we contestants endured while on the Biggest Loser ranch.  The trainer looks at our age and weight and may even mentally belittle the Biggest Loser in their mind. Then they start a half baked fitness assessment period and the client learning curb has to start up and valuable training time is lost.  But Helen found someone who ‘got it’ almost immediately.

That’s what it takes to Lose It Fast.

And then I come across this article where ‘experts’ say that what we contestants go through is ‘not healthy‘. These same experts are invested in keeping you fat and miserable for the rest of your life while they collect degrees and salaries and forever fail to solve America’s obesity problem.  I guess that is the ‘healthy’ way.

So if you want to stay fat and unhealthy or just unhappy then simply keep doing what you have been doing.

For the students in my Lose It Fast Lose It Forever Class I expect no excuses from you. Complete all of your home work from Chapter 7 (Page 79) while I am out of town.  Do your long runs and your intervals before Monday’s class.  If you have already done them them do it again. I expect everyone to be in the running for this weeks Homework Challenge prize.

Talk to you soon and remember,

There’s A Winner Within You,


One Response to “How Did Helen Phillips Win The Biggest Loser?”
  1. Dana Douglas says:

    Helen was such a dark horse contestant! I wish I knew a lot more of the behind the scenes workings. My guess is that Helen survived for two reasons:

    1. She threw her daughter, Shannon, under the bus TWICE during the season: once when 9 contestants were sent home at the end of week one, and again when her team fell below the yellow line.

    2. Because she was older (the cast called her “mama”), the other contestants didn’t take her as a serious threat, and thought they could let her hang around and dump her at some future date.

    Is there more to it than this? Pete, do you think I’m on the right track?

    I admit to wanting Tara or Mike to win. But as an old broad myself, I’m gratified that the two winners were both older folks. Hooray for us seniors! :-)

    The show is casting couples now for Season 9. I think I should pack on a hundred pounds so that my partner and I can audition. I wonder if they would ever consider having a lesbian couple on the show? They’ve done everything else…

    GREAT blog, Pete. Love your updates, and have admired you since Season 2. Keep on rockin’ it!