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How To Become a Contestant On The Biggest Loser – 2009 – Pt 1b


The Open Casting Call Process Pt 1b

In this post I will endeavor to give you an overview of what to expect at the actual Open Casting Call for NBC’s The Biggest Loser. Actual tips are still to come this week so if you have been already been to an open call then please add your comments below to assist others.

In the last post I explained how what happens next varies by Casting Director.

As your sitting (or standing) in the actual interview area you may be asked some questions about the show; Who’s your favorite trainer? Bob or Jillian? What changes would you like to see on the show and so on. Will there ever be a female Biggest Loser etc etc. Intelligent answers are always best. The CD’s know if you’re a dumb, dumb just trying to stir up the pot.

You may be asked to debate with the other people at the table. Let your natural personality shine through. If you are quick witted or sharp tongue then let it fly. Your banking on yourself so be yourself. If you’re a quiet person then I hope you look gorgeous because quiet people usually don’t get cast easily.

If you have some special talent like singing or playing harmonica then let it rip. But don’t take up a lot of time with it! Be concise. It probably will not get you on the show if nothing else is going for you but hey have a little fun while your there.

Once in a while the CD’s may spend more time at one end of the table or another. They may spend more time talking to one person or team or another. It does not mean anything in particular so don’t take it personally or read too much into it. Focus on doing your best and you will be fine.

At the end the CD’s may give you more instructions about the private call back process (I have a completely separate set of advice I give people for the private call backs) and you will be thanked for coming out and instructed where to exit. The entire time you sit (or stand) in front of the CD’s may range from approx 2 minutes up to 10 minutes but on average it will take about 4-10 minutes. Later in the day it may only take 2 minutes do cover everything above.

Once you have left the area your application will go into one of three piles: ‘Everyone’, ‘Potential callbacks’ and ‘Definite callbacks’ (my terms). If you are in the ‘Definite Callback’ pile someone will call you or your teammate to setup a time when you can come back and interview, in private, with the Casting Directors. That call may come within minutes of you leaving the casting call area or within hours and on a few occasions a day or so later. So, the first thing you should do upon leaving the area is turn on your phone. Even if you’re leaving the city or state make sure your phone is turned on.

I know of some people who missed their call back appointment when A) they could not be reached when we called them B) they could not figure out the time they and their teammate could come back or C) they could not get back in touch with someone when they called back into the casting director or assistant. Calling back to the Casting Directors or assistant is a very difficult process since they are very busy and an assistant may be making calls out while you’re calling in. We could not always answer the phone when they called back. I know that sucks. The answer is to be ready! Take the call and be ready to set an appointment. If you’re not ready then all available interview slots may be taken and you will miss your opportunity. Be ready!

Speaking of appointments. The vast majority of actual phone calls for Call Back appointments are made during the Open Casting Call (typically Saturdays). They are scheduled for one of the three days following the open casting call (Typically Sunday – Tuesday). If everyone in the ‘Definite Callback’ pile has not been scheduled on Open Call Day then the CD’s themselves will call or email people later that night or the next couple days. Keep your phone on and check email regularly. The CD’s have even had me personally call and set appointments with people 2 days after the casting call. One team was given a special last hour appointment and ended up making it to seclusion in California.
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  7. Great article. I will be facing some of these issues as well..

  8. jasmine smalls says:

    hey im a 22 year old female and i just had my first child i would loved to be pick for the biggest loser so i can lose this weight so i can play with my daughter as she gets older its hard for me now cuz im so big it makes me feel sad to know that i cant do anything with my daughter all i want is to happy and feel good about myself

  9. Gina says:

    I am going to the open casting call this Saturday in Chicago IL. I am 28 years old, 5’4 and weigh 225 pounds. Like someone’s previous post, all my friends and co-workers told me I am too thin and will be laughed at on site and I will be wasting my time, but I am going anyway for the hell of it. You never know what they might be looking for – and I think I am a perfect contestant and would be an inspiration to other women and men who have lots to loose but are not really considered “morbidly obese” – those people need inspiration too!

    One of my questions is: Do I fill out the application that is online and bring it to the open call? They also asked for a video to be made, but since I am going in person, do I still need to make a video? Just concerned about what is required of me to bring to the audition.

    Thanks everyone and wish me luck!

  10. I want to lose weight & be health so how can i become a contestant on the show .

  11. Maybe you should change the blog name How To Become a Contestant On The Biggest Loser – 2009 – Pt 1b | Pete Thomas of NBCs The Biggest Loser | Motivational Speaker, Teacher, Weight Loss Coach to more suited for your subject you make. I loved the post even sononetheless.

  12. Kelly! says:

    hi i am going to the open casting call in chicago on the 6th and i have a slight problem. I dont turn 18 until march 28th. it is so annoying it is so close!! since legally, i am only 17 when i am auditioning will i be disqualified even though i’ll be 18 by production and such? please help me!

  13. christina says:

    im trying to sign up to be on the biggest loser and i cant figure out how or find where the “casting” button is…help! thanx!

  14. Christy Thompson says:

    Pete, I did all the things you said. I fixed myself up and did not look like I just climbed out of bed, spoke clearly and let my personality show, I did not get a call back. I have applied to every season of The Biggest Loser. I do not know what to do.

  15. Alexandra says:

    PETE! Thank you so much for sharing your information. I JUST HAVE one quick question. I had a callback, and they seemed to LOVE me! In fact I was a definite as you mentioned above! They called me as soon as I left the CC. At the interview they were like “oh they’re going to love you” HOWEVER, my friend had a call back days before me and they then sent her an email to fill out a background and credit check and bio. Now I know this is standard procedures, but I NEVER recieved an email like this. Does this mean they’re not into me and I should just give up my hope of being on the show! I am a very well spoken, fun, indivudual; and the other person was not called back at the CC untill hours LATER…so let me know what you think!!!
    Did you submit a tape or go to a CC, also if you went to a CC and had a call back did they send you an email to do the CHECKS? LET ME KNOW PLEASE

  16. LISA VOGT says:

    hey pete i went to the open casting in clarksville in and i was open and myself i made a cool shirt also stripped down to a sports bra and shorts and i didnt get a call back i am going to wear a clown wig to show my persoaltiy what kind of advice can you give me……………………..lisa

  17. LISA VOGT says:

    hey pete i was wanting to ask a question.i went to the casting call in clarksville in. on the 21st. i made a great shirt and i was open and myself even stripped down to a sports bra and shorts and never got a call back i an going to go to nashville this weekend for another casting call and i was going to wear a clown wig to show my personaltity and advice……..lisa

  18. Ryan Cunningham says:

    Hi Pete

    Thank you for your help.

    I should clarify that I was laughing not at being a stalker but at the things people would do. I wanted to ensure that by showing up early I would not be labled as a stalker. :-)

    One last question….. Does knowing some on Season 7 limit my chances of being accepted?


  19. Ryan Cunningham says:


    Thank you for the very useful information. I am so excited for the Phoenix, AZ open call. I tried going to the open call last year but was unable to because of a unplanned kidney stone operation the day before.

    The NBC website advised not to line up for the additions more than three hours before the start. Because of my go-go, win-win attitude I am supoer excited and energetic for this chance and am thinking I should show up as early as possible. What is your opinion on showing up early to wait in line even if it is much earlier than the 3 hour window? I only ask because I laughed when I read your tips on casting and not being a “stalker”

  20. Pete says:

    As long as you have the rest of the package and it is not obnoxious or overly distracting it won’t hurt.

  21. Pete says:


    Because it is the BIGGEST Loser. Also the emphasis on really big folk was this season. Who knows what it will be this season. People your size made it on the show last season and may make it on next. Who knows?

  22. :-D says:

    I’m really curious. If it’s not so much about the weight as much as it is the personality, ratings and show, then how come the only contestants being considered are the “bigger the better” group? I was told at least 70# overweight for women. I am 5’2″ and 228# however I had the flu and got down to 215# (which will come back as soon as I am well, it always does). So why is everyone telling me I am too small and if I show up at a casting call, they will laugh. Is this true they only want enormous overweight people? I wear a size 18-20. Do I not qualify or is over 70# not their standard?

  23. Wendy says:

    So doing a little dance when ya walk into the area may help?


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