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How To Become a Contestant On The Biggest Loser – Pt 4


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How to Absolutely Blow the Open Casting Call

How Not to be Cast on The Biggest Loser

The following stories and examples may or may not be exaggerations but are all based in reality.

“The Casting Call Is When?  I have an appointment at Supercuts”

You must show up. This sounds obvious but so many people have emailed me that ‘this’ or ‘that’ ‘came up’ and they ‘could not make it’ and ‘is there anything’ I can do to help them blah blah blah.  There isn’t.  If changing your life is not worth the time to show up then I can’t help you.

“Why the h*ll is this taking so long?”

Don’t complain about the wait.  Enjoy it.  Some people are going to talk in the line and get to know everyone around them and others are going to clam up (see Erik’s interview) but complaining about the wait is stupid.

I had one lady tell me she had been there standing in line for 4 hours and had borrowed someone’s car to get there and had to get it back to her friend and that she had driven 20 minutes to get to the casting call blah blah blah.  I’m typically never rude to people who stand in line but I was definitely stern with her.  I explained to her that A) the first person in line had taken a plane from Seattle, Washington on top of a 1 hour cab ride to get there.  Someone else had B) driven 12 hours from Georgia AND someone else had C) driven the night before in the snowstorm traveling along at 35 miles per hour on the freeway from Columbus Ohio (which is normally a 4 hour drive at 60 mph).  Someone else was D) moving their daughter from Chicago back somewhere down south and decided to take a 4 hour detour, swing by the casting call and stand in line for 8 hours before getting back on the road.  Yes the moving truck was in the parking lot!  PS – They got a call back ;-).  The lady I was stern with stopped complaining and ended up staying at the casting call.

“I am going to wing it!”

Don’t be a dumb dumb! Do your research or ask for advice in advance.  Winging it might work by there is a scripture that says – In the multitude of counselors there is safety. So get some counsel.  I have had friends and acquaintances (at least 5-7) come to the casting call who never even got in touch with me to ask me what they should expect, even though they saw me weekly.  Ask people – email folk, read our blogs, etc. etc. etc.

“My favorite hang out is the library.”

You must have personality and you must speak up.  The open casting call ( cc ) is not a manners competition.  You will not be guaranteed your ‘day in court’.  So speak up when the opportunity presents itself.  You will only have a couple of minutes in a group of other people so make sure you are at least ready to get your point across.

Here’s a tip.  Watch a few live interview style political news shows (Meet the Press, Fox and Friends etc.) and watch how the hosts of these shows interject questions in the middle of the sentences of the person answering.  If you are not heard you will not get a call back.  Don’t be obnoxious but practice how to be heard.

“I think that Rosa Parks should have kept quiet.”

You must stand out!  Typically, standing out comes natural to those who are the highest of type A personalities.  For example;  At one table there was this guy and every time he spoke the rest of the table just stopped and listened.  I mean it was amazing.  They just stopped and listened!!  He could have spoke for 10 minutes and no one would have interrupted.  It was natural and he just commanded attention.  Perfect. BTW – He got a call back.

“I think Jackass The Movie should have been rated G”

Don’t be obnoxious. There is a fine line here I know.  Sometimes people don’t have anything worth saying so they just say dumb stuff.  The casting directors are professionals.  They know when you’re a dumb, dumb and are just repeating non-sense.  Be confident and speak up but don’t stir up a bees nest by saying something dumb.  Stirring up a bees nest is good if you have a good argument.  Actually that is great!  If you are opinionated you had better speak up!

“My personality is all I need.”

Don’t forget to bring pictures. Do not bring poor pictures. Pictures do not have to be originals and they can be on regular paper but at least make sure they are GOOD quality and can be left behind.  Make sure you have at least a good picture that shows your pretty hair, face and smile (well groomed of course).  Bring pictures of you and your partner together if you are trying out as a pair.  Bring pictures of potential partners if they cannot make the casting call.  I know someone that got a call back and eventually made the show just from a PICTURE!  No LIE! They never even came to the casting call but were in someone else’s picture!  Full length pictures are fine.  Pictures with other people in them are ok. But just make sure we can see your face. Heck speaking of pictures, it is ok to take pics of the contestants in attendance, the CD’s etc.

“They will remember my name and my pretty round face.”

Don’t forget to write your name and contact info on the back of all pictures. What happens if your picture and your application get separated?  You just missed your opportunity to be cast because the picture/application will go in the trash. ‘Why is this picture here by itself?  Wow they would be perfect for the show.  Oh well, in the trash it goes.’ It has happened!

“I think that all Personal Protection Orders should be ignored.”

Don’t be a stalker!  One would-be contestant was in line early and was seen early by the CD’s.  Hours later we looked around and literally saw her sitting behind us.  She sat around for the entire casting session and then congratulated us for seeing everyone. Note: The casting people do not take kindly to stalkers! They are regular folk and get weirded out like everyone else.

“My small friend believes that all Personal Protection Orders should be ignored also.”

Don’t bring along a friend to be a stalker. There was one particular young lady waiting in line who was there with her small friend.  The stalker friend asked questions in advance of the Casting Directors. Then stalker friend asked questions immediately after her friend made it into the interview area and was seen by the casting directors. Then stalker-friend went and started bothering one of the casting directors when the CD was trying to take 5 minutes and eat lunch.  This does not help your friend’s case.  If you don’t have the personality to stand out on your own then having a stalker-friend tag along will only hurt your chances.  After all you can’t take stalker friend on tv to help your personality can you? To be clear, having friends and family come along is fine!  It is going to be a long day.  I enjoyed meeting many people who were not trying out but were there for support.  But having them bug the CD’s is dumb .

“I have inner-beauty.”

Don’t do this – Clean the dog kennels, change the oil in the pickup, drop the transmission, feed the dogs and then come straight to the casting call without changing clothes. You must dress the part. You are not trying out for a part on The Biggest Sloppiest Nastiest Loser.  I have seen people wearing dirty black sweatsuits with cat hair on them.  Why would you come out of the house looking like you just rolled out of your brother-husbands trailer and are trying out for a character on Earl or as Eminem’s moms love interest in the movie 8 Mile?  Even the people who drove very long distances looked nice and clean.

“Forget you Pete – I saaiidd I have inner beauty (neck roll)”

HEY! Pay attention to that last point again! I said dress nicely! This is a TV show about weight loss.  Not a weight loss show that happens to be on tv. Personally, I always tried to look my best whenever I was in public – granted it was hard at 416 with a 60 coat size but still I tried. I dressed nicely when I had my own computer consulting company and as a Real Estate Investor.  Erik Chopin, Season 3’s Biggest Loser said he bought a new leather coat and jeans to wait 8 hours in line in Manhattan. Don’t forget the makeup and grooming people!!

“Why are they taking so doggone long in there?”

Don’t be rude! This didn’t happen in Detroit (I love my hometown) but I was told about a time when a lady actually took time to measure how much time the casting directors spent with each group and gave the CD’s ‘lip’ because they took too long with one group and took for lunch blah blah blah (here in Detroit the CD’s took about a 20 minute standing lunch – that’s 10 hours of interviewing and a 20 minute break).  Come on!  Shoot the decision maker why don’t you.  You would probably curse out the head of NBC because the casting calls are not in every city if you got the chance!

“Fat March, Celebrity Fit Club, that new show with that lady on it – You are all basically the same right?”

It’s called The Biggest Loser. 10 million viewers per week. Watch the show.  You are going to be asked some general questions about the show.  At least know who the main people on the show are.  At least have a working knowledge of the show even if you don’t watch it every week.  Know the main 3 characters and the last few winners.  That should take you all of 15 minutes to read up on.  But don’t feel too bad, the Sunday morning news anchors on our local NBC affiliate, WDIV, didn’t even know who Bob was – and this is one of the best shows on their network!

“I need to go prepare dinner”

If your in line then stay until the end. At the very end of the day we only had approx 2 minutes to look at 10 people at a time.  Even then, there were a couple people that stood out above the rest and were considered for call backs.

“Ba Ba Junior!! I told you to get off that ceiling fan and get back over here!”

Don’t bring your bad kids.  They distract everyone including the Casting Directors and mess up your chances of making it on the show.

“I don’t need the show to lose weight.”

If you can lose weight without the show and you don’t really need the show then don’t show up for the casting call.  What’s the point?

“Pete, I could crush you when you were your biggest!”

You can be too big.  Yes it is possible.  One day I am sure that there will be a 600 pounder on the show who is tall enough and ‘healthy’ enough to be picked for the show.  But until that day comes you need to understand that even a show called The BIGGEST Loser has its limitations. You have to be able to ‘do’ the intense exercise required.

“I am just going to give up!”

Bill and Jim Germanakos interviewed 3 times/seasons before making it on the show. Send in your video, go to the next casting call. Don’t give up.  But let’s be honest, if you’re the type to not give up your not going to wait around for some dumb show to lose weight are you?  One caveat – do you qualify for the show?  Are you what the show is looking for?  More on that in another post.

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Talk to you soon and remember,

There’s a Winner Within You!

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34 Responses to “How To Become a Contestant On The Biggest Loser – Pt 4”
  1. Michelle says:

    Hi Pete,

    Thanks so much for your tips! I’m getting ready for the casting call in LA for season 15 and just pre-registered. My question is… how important is it to get there early? Is it possible you won’t get seen at all if you don’t?

  2. Heather says:

    How often can you talk to your family back home? I have an 8 yr old son that I have never been away from. I think the idea of changing myself would be worth it, but I am not sure how this would make him feel (to be gone that long without phone calls ect).

  3. Putvain says:

    What should I do I live in Newport Vermont in the middle of nowhere. How do I figure out what I need to do or where I need to go. Could u Plz send Yr response to Or how do I find out the criteria’s. Is there a web site or e-mail ?? Thank u for talking Yr time for answering my questions !!

  4. stacy says:

    I have tried all kinds of diets and yet im still at 280 pounds. I am 5′ 3′ and very unhappy with myself , i pray that there is someone who can help me. I take care of elderly people and i love my job, but its hard for me but i do my job.I need an angel to help me with my weight problem. GOD BLESS

  5. leigha says:

    Ok so I have arthritis and a hip replacement. I do have trouble with some exercises so I guess that would rule me out. I am very short and fear I am at the point of no return…. I just want help/ direction. I can do an eliptical machine and some weights but do have limitations.. Is there any hope for me?

  6. keith says:

    when do they start giving call backs for the next season?

  7. Micheline Ricker says:

    Pete- Thanks for all the advice and answering the money question. I am surprised they give you anything at all… but that defiantly helps. We are going prepared with applications already filled out, photos and “our story” written out. Hopefully someone will read it and think we are must haves for the show. We want it so bad! How did the Detroit casting calls go?

  8. Lindy B says:

    sorry, after rereading my post, I am not sure if it was clear: what I meant to make clear is that there were no general questions to the group, no time when all could be commenting. We each got our 20-30 second slot to ‘sell’ ourselves, and no other group conversation took place. Which is why I suggested planning out a ‘mini-speech’ just in case.
    ok, once again, good luck!

  9. Lindy B says:

    oh, and not that I am moaning, but I also drove over 4 hours to get there. Only mention it because of the person you talked about in your tips, about complaining about their time!! If its not worth it to you, then stay home and just watch the show and enjoy it!

  10. Lindy B says:

    Thanks Pete I have really enjoyed your comments and suggestions! I went to the OKC casting call. Didn’t work out for me, but despite the fact of standing in very cold weather for 7 hours (my back and sides starting cramping from all the shivering, lol!) I am glad I went and gave it a shot.
    The interviews here went a little different then what you have described. At our table (and the other table too, so I was told), the CD talked a little about the process, then gave each of us about 20 – 30 seconds to introduce ourselves and state why we wanted to be on BL. I was prepared for questions about the show, or something along those lines, so others reading your tips might also want to think out a ‘mini-speech’ just in case they get a similar format.
    I think I started off ok, but as I went on I got a little nervous (this just being SO important to me, sigh….) so I started talking too fast and showing the nervousness. The CD had to cut me off. When I thought about it later, I am sure the nervousness was a death knell to any chance of getting the call back :-( (after all, it IS television) I think I would be great on the show, but was not able to project what I needed to. So my second advice for those going – do your best to NOT show nervousness!
    good luck everyone!

  11. Kristi says:

    I just stumbled across this blog looking for help!! I am going to the casting call in Columbus March 7th. You have answered so many of my questions and have been a big help! I am nervous but so excited! Thank you so much for allt he help you put into these blogs!!!!!

  12. Brenda says:

    Hey Pete,

    Thanks for the tips. I just heard about the casting call in MI on Saturday and will definitely be there!

  13. April Yarbrough says:

    I am trying out in nashville saturday…. back in 05-06 i lost 90 lbs and i regained almost 95 back after i was sick and i just stopped workin out… do i need to have a picture of myself when i lost all that weight??? should i even tell them that????? im a senior majorin in physical education and at the time when i picked my major i was small now i weight 252 and i am embarressed to be a pe teacher….. please let me know what to do…

  14. Hi Pete,

    Just looking over your tips and information again. I am really excited for the Phoenix auditions that are comming up. Do you have any suggestions on what types of pictures or how many pictures I should bring with me to the audition?


    Shirt / no Shirt
    Before & Now photos. (I was once skinny, in shape and athletic)

    Also, can I request to be your friend on Facebook?

  15. Jim says:

    $100 per day? $700 per week or $500 per week?

  16. Jake Burgess says:

    Pete thanks a lot, your posts have been really helpful in understanding how get a callback. I’m 19 years old, 6’2″ 375 lbs. and i want to lose 150-175 lbs. I’ve always been overweight but have really only been obese for the last few years. I’ll be at the Detroit casting call this Saturday, so any more tips would be great.

  17. Micheline Ricker says:

    Thanks for the advice, my husband and I are going to attend the Columbus audtion next week. Needless to say we need it and we are excited! My only concern is how do you pay the bills if you get selected. I am nervous about losing my job and getting behind on everything, but if anyone needed this it is us! Any advice on that?

  18. KUClerks says:

    haha, btw, the clip from the last entry was SO FUNNY

    and the tips are great, thank you so much!

  19. KUClerks says:

    But Pete! I can’t think well on the spot (it’s mostly the ADD I swear!), so do you have any suggested questions we should have prepared answers to? I guess I just can’t fathom what exactly is said while sitting for that 4-10 minute span.

    Also, after taking a look at the application, I can’t tell if their trying to weed out the unstable people or if those type make the show more interesting. What’s better, to be sweet and bubbly or to be witty and opinionated?

    I’m from MI so it’s this Saturday and I’m EXCITED!

  20. Alkis says:

    Thanks Pete. I’ll make you proud.

  21. Marie says:

    But Pete, a girl needs her beauty sleep! 😉

    Thanks for sharing all this. I think you should request a commission if one of your peeps wins the big prize. I know one who could – if the CD’s are smart!

  22. Hey Pete! I love how you just put it all out there. You crack me up with all your craziness! We would have so much fun together!! Maybe we could go for margaritas sometime. :) Between you, Matthew, & Dr. Jen there’s no excuse why I shouldn’t be already packing for the ranch! Sounds like everything I need to know so I’ll just start checking them off. ..

    I’ll be at Columbus on March 7th. I’m the funky silly bartender from Cincinnati!!

    I love the show and I respect all of you for your hard work. Thank you for all your effort with the website. It’s a great advantage to have going into the CC.

  23. Jason says:

    Pete I was going to just submit a video but after reading your blog I decided I’m going to give it a try in Tennessee next weekend – its only a 14 hour drive! Stumbled across your blog and love the tips and behind the scenes information. Exceptional stuff ….. thanks man and I’ll be back for more.

  24. OregonMomma says:

    Oh my goodness – the comment about your brother-husband’s trailer was hilarious!! I just heard of this website and appreciate all of the awesome tips. I’m traveling to Phoenix in a few weeks. My question is…any idea if they are leaning towards individuals more than partners? The rumor mill has started and there is a lot of talk that they are just looking for individuals. My friend and I of 23 years are going together, we are some hot mommas looking to get this weight off and be inspirations for our kiddos, family, and friends.

  25. Alkis says:

    “Ba Ba Junior!! I told you to get off that ceiling fan and get back over here!”
    LOL. That’s a pretty great example. kudos