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My New Years Resolutions – Keep Me Accountable


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When I tried out for the Biggest Loser I wanted to lose weight in front of the whole world so that the entire planet could hold me accountable – I remember telling the casting people that if someone sees me in a restaurant they should come over to me and ask me what I was eating and smack it out of my hands if it was junk food.  Now to be honest that was not the thing that got me on the show but the point of the story is that it is helpful to have people hold you accountable.

For example, I remember late in 2006 I had put on an extra 10lbs and Momma Jackie called me out and said that people were watching (while patting me on the tummy).  Needless to say I dropped that 10 lbs, got back to normal and the next year I received a call to appear on the Biggest Loser’s reunion show at a more normal weight.

So I am writing today to talk about how you can hold me accountable.  Let me tell you more.

New Year is a time of resolutions and changes and great expectations.

I realized over the last year that I have let others opinions and the fact that is was a challenging year re-define who I was.  I realize that I enjoy interacting with others when people know who I really am.  A few instances over the last few months have brought this to light more than ever.  After I expressed concern that potential clients would be turned off by some of my opinions, Beverly Cornell and Brian and others from Brand Camp encouraged me to be me no matter what. Then Chris said I should share more about the books I have read throughout my life not just those relating to Weight Loss and Health.  Then I received a great Word at Church a couple of Sundays ago.  And then there was the recent meeting with Adrian Pittman who told me what I know but have struggled with for some time; I need to spend at least 80% of my time doing what I love the most.

So the result of all this is that in 2009 I will be…me.  I mean really me.  I am going to sink or swim being me.  Now I still need God to mold and shape me and help me to grow as a person but I am a certain way right now and I plan to be more of who I am. (I know this blog may sound self-centered but trust me this benefits you, the reader of this blog, because what I love the most is interacting with people.  More about that in a minute.)

So who am I?  To borrow an exercise from Jack Canfield I am a former contestant on NBC’s The Biggest Loser who lost a person and keeps it off. I am an exciting public speaker.  I am a slow typist (yes this post took forever).  I am a Conservative Christian who listens to NPR and Fox.  I am a former foster-child who has been homeless and foodless and as a result fears none of those things now. I am a fan of self-help books and most of all the Bible (thank you Doc ).  I am a geek. I am an entrepreneur at heart. I am on my third business – and this is the one I was destined for, helping people like you.

Who am I?  I am the creator of a successful weight loss system called Lose It Fast Lose It Forever that is taught in my home town, Ann Arbor, Michigan and soon online.

But who am I?  I am sharp tongued.  Very. Even unapologetically acerbic at times.  I am very opinionated.  VERY!  For example:  As an Black / African-American / Whatever-name-we-call-ourselves-these-days who is actually bi-racial, I am amazed and irritated by any Black / African American / Whatever-name-we-call-ourselves-these-days who feels like Barack Obama in the White House means you can suddenly start teaching your children that they can accomplish anything.  What were you teaching your children when Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice were Secretary of State and Kofi Annan was running the U.N.? Not to mention other folk like Stanley O’Neal, Richard Parsons, Kenneth Chennalt, Ben Carson, Oprah Winfrey, Bob Johnson, Michael Lee-Chin etc.

I have seen my people buying calendars and coloring books and other nick-knacks to savor the moment when Obama’s election should have simply been an ‘I told you so..‘ moment, not some great awakening. And does Obama being President really matter if Blacks / African Americans / Whatever-name-we-call-ourselves-these-days still raise our children to be average by not making them get college degrees or become self-educated.  Oh yeah, speaking of degrees, every African American should immediately stop getting degrees in social work or similar and go into accounting, engineering or computer science.  Most people end up in careers other that what they are degreed in anyway so if later on you want to go and start a un-profitable non-profit then do so after you have paid off your student loans.

See I told you I was opinionated.  Don’t worry this will not become a blog about social commentary because the stupidity that comes from the world of weight loss is enough to keep me busy.

Speaking of which, I absolutely hate stupidity.  With a passion!  And I hate false smart people.  By false smart people I mean people who have tons of knowledge but no wisdom!  Knowledge is just an accumulation of facts.  Wisdom is the proper application of those facts to solve a problem. I sincerely believe that the best way to learn is thorough experience.  Preferably the experiences of others.  I consider this the epitome of Life-Hacking.

So I am going back to being me with my varied interests.  I can’t wait to roll out the blogs I have kept from finishing and posting for fear of offending someone.  One is titled: “Why Your Doctor is Keeping You Fat“.  Another one is for people who say they have tried everything entitled “Fat People are Liars“, Another is “Personal Trainers Are Stupid. And why you Still Need One“.  These blog posts come from my personal experience which is why I can speak about certain things that others can’t  Check out a post I did called Parents Continue To Fatten Their Children For Slaughter for an example of how I really think.

Oh, by the way, I really do like people.  No, I love people.  I was raised in and out of foster care and group homes due to my mothers mental illness.  From this experience I realize that being around people is an essential part of who I am (this is characterized by my regular place of business – a 24 hour Starbucks).  To me people are relaxing.

So I want to help people. I want to help big people like me lose weight. Lots of weight. People like the folk in my classes. I know this subject like the back of my hand and I might as well help others from my own experiences.  So if you need some help with your health and weight loss goals I will be more than happy to help you.  I know first hand about all the mis-information and mixed information out there and how confused you are about achieving your weight loss goals. So I will give you the truth about what works and what does not.  There are no stupid weight loss questions.

Opps, I lied. If you tell me your concerned about all the loose skin you will have after you lose that extra 111 pounds and ask me what you should do about it, I am going to honestly tell you: 

Stay Fat!

Now if you ask me about my own loose skin I will gladly tell you what happened to it and I also will tell you about my 3 year aspiration to be a male model for Spanx (a women’s only line of undergarments 😉  Do you see the difference in the questions?

I have also struggled with charging for the information and research I have gathered.  But then I have these Thomasism’s that I used to live by. For example ‘People spend money on what they want to spend money on‘.  This comes from my past experience with helping people with personal finance and real estate where people would pay for premium cable or premium phone service and would not buy there kids a book or a computer.

So my plan is to give away good content and free reports on my web site and to sell the best of best.  If your not willing to invest in your own good health then just get fatter and fatter or stay fat and die early.  Your grand-kids will forget about you in a few years after your gone.  Personally, I nearly went broke in 2005 as I saw the opportunity to get my health back.  I knew that even if I ended up losing everything I would be able to recoup it all if I was a healthy member of society. Yes, in case you did not know, being obese is deadly.

So lets wrap things up here.

I have tons of huge goals that you can hold me accountable on.  I will list them all with dates later this month but for now here are a few of this years goals:

  • Continue teaching my LIF2 Classes locally offline and online.
  • Finish my free eBook or free report by months end,
  • Continue to speak regularly,
  • VBlog and blog Regularly,
  • Interview Smart and Inspirational people regularly,
  • Set up guest blogging for some of my students and others who have a similar weight loss philosophy,
  • Work with and send content to Muata, Israel, and Chris.
  • Launch forums by spring,
  • Finish and publish my Lose It Fast Lose It Forever Workbook,
  • Get my personal training certification by June
  • Maintain my weight and move on to the 3rd phase of my weight loss – The LaLanne, Lost Ark Phase.
  • Send out my newsletter with my personalized Weight Loss Wisdom (See tomorrow’s post for my first one)
  • Become the Kimkins Killer. (Not the person – the program)
  • Spend time everyday helping people – especially my LIF2 family and teammates.

So there are a few of my goals with more to come.

Take a minute to write in some of your 2009 goals in below.  After all you have read this far.  You might as well contribute and help out others 😉

Talk to you soon and remember,

There’s a Winner Within You!


2 Responses to “My New Years Resolutions – Keep Me Accountable”
  1. Ann says:

    Pete…I so enjoyed taking your class these last few months, and the information I learned, plus your heartfelt desire to change people’s lifes is just a wonderful recipe for success……You can, and you will achieve these goals! I shall keep you up to date on my journey as well—> your teaching’s in action! Happy New Year!!! BFF.Ann

  2. Deb says:

    Kudos to you, Pete for your resolutions for 2009! I think being true to yourself is a great place to start! Your convictions and compassion are your strengths for others to benefit from. What you’ve done to inspire me – and others – will bear fruit for future generations. Thank you for being open and for challenging us to get healthy – and stay healthy.