Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

In Celebration of the Biggest Loser Finale


There are many times of the year that are very special to me as it relates to my weight loss journey. The day I interviewed for the show with Adam and Liz in Indianapolis. The day I received the phone call to go out to California to try out for the show. The day I first stepped on the Biggest Loser ranch and met my fellow contestants, teammates, Bob and Jillian and the crew behind the scenes . Then there was the day I was voted off, the premiere, and of course the live finale.

The most recent live Finale of Biggest Loser Season 6 made me all nostalgic again so I decided to post some current photos. TV Guide may or may not do a story on us old folk so they requested some photo’s and what you see here is a sampling.

It has been a difficult year weight wise as I tore ligaments in my ankle in February that have not healed normally and will require surgery which I am delaying. This has kept me from my favorite exercise – running. But in the midst of this I still am able to work out using the A-B-C’s (that’s my own little system; more on that next year) and that plus knowing how and what and how much to eat mean I still fit the same clothes as I did back in 2005. I actually tried on the shirt and suit I wore to the live finale and I still fit it! Although it is not quite as loose today since my body fat was in the 5 – 9 percent range during that finale week.

So, I lost it fast and am onto my fourth calendar year of losing it forever. Although my boy Muata would tell me to drop a few (and he would be right I need to lose a couple lbs) I am right around 12 percent body fat. I will get an iDexa scan next year to verify that.

Now it is your turn. Put links in the comment section below to your before, after and current photo’s. There are plenty of you that have lost weight and understand the struggle of keeping it off and you are doing just fine. We may not be perfect but we are doing it. Post a link to your photo’s below and encourage others in the journey!

I look forward to reading about your success and remember –

There’s a Winner Within You!


2 Responses to “In Celebration of the Biggest Loser Finale”
  1. Jimmy Moore says:

    THANKS for sharing about your incredible continued story, Pete. A lot of people think the hardest part of losing weight is the weight loss itself. But anyone who has ever been through this experience knows that the end of the weight loss is the real BEGINNING of the lifestyle change that lasts forever. Here are my pics from when I was 410 pounds in 2004 and now me today at 230:


    Regardless of how you choose to lose the weight, find a plan that will work for you, do that plan exactly as prescribed, and then KEEP doing it for the rest of your long, healthy life! That’s a recipe for success that Pete and I know all about and are living it years later.

    YOU CAN DO IT!!!

    Jimmy Moore, author of “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb”


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