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Pete Thomas Helps City of Detroit Fight Childhood Obesity with Detroit M.O.O.V.E. Initiative!


Detroit MOOVE Kick off Event

Biggest Loser Winner Pete Thomas Helps the City of Detroit Fight Childhood Obesity with Detroit M.O.O.V.E. Initiative!

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Councilman Andre L. Spivey declares war on city-wide youth epidemic

DETROIT, November 1, 2011-In an attempt to reduce the growing number of overweight kids in the city of Detroit, councilman Andre Spivey will bring together over 700 Detroit Public School 4 & 5th grade students for a morning of fun, fitness and nutrition education at Wayne State University’s Matthaei Center on Friday, November 4, 2011 starting at 9:30 a.m. This youth rally will serve as the official kick-off for M.O.O.V.E. Detroit, a newly formed task force created to combat the crisis of childhood obesity.

M.O.O.V.E. Detroit is an acronym that stands for Minors Overcoming Obesity with Veggies and Exercise. A spin off of First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign, M.O.O.V.E. Detroit was created by the councilman to address the growing issue of overweight children in the city of Detroit.

A new generation of children are being raised addicted to fast food and not being exposed to physical activity. Unfortunately, many elementary schools have discontinued recess and daily P.E. classes for all students guaranteeing daily exercise and fresh air.  Experts recommend that kids should have at least one hour of what they call moderate-intensity physical activity such as walking the dog, riding a bike or dancing to a favorite song.

“In order for Detroit to be a strong community, it must be healthy first,” said Detroit city councilman Andre L. Spivey. “As a legislator I fight everyday for the rights of our citizens but what am I fighting for if our children will not be around to inherit the hard work of today because they are too sick from various controllable diseases such as high cholesterol and diabetes?” Today’s kids are tomorrow’s leaders, but if they don’t adopt healthier lifestyles, they could be the first generation of children that will not live as long as their parents.”

M.O.O.V.E. Detroit will focus on exploring the root of childhood obesity in Detroit and tackling the myths behind health eating and exercise.  It will involve not only youth, but also the school system and the local grocers who supply the food to our communities. This initiative will act as a one-stop shop in the city for all things related to controlling this dilemma. It is a fact that children are spending too much time indoors, adversely affecting their health. Besides obesity, Detroit children are seeing increased Vitamin D deficiency, early onset of diabetes, reduced attention spans, increased aggressiveness, and sleep deprivation. Studies show that 70% of overweight youths already have at least one risk factor for cardiovascular disease, such as high cholesterol or high blood pressure.

The councilman has put together a jam packed morning with the goal of taking the necessary steps to curb the staggering statistics listed above. The youth program will feature some wonderful Detroiters who have dedicated their lives to health & nutrition.

Pete Thomas, the Season 2 at-home winner of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” will serve as the nutritional speaker for the day.  He is a full-time motivational speaker, teacher, weight-loss coach and consultant.  Thomas has been featured in People Magazine, TV Guide, inTouch Weekly and has appeared on, eXtra, ABC’s ‘The View’, The 700 Club and commercials nationwide.

Nutritional expert Lazet Michaels Boatman, a certified physical fitness expert and owner of the Life Center Fitness Facility in the city of Detroit is the author of the book “Workout & Worship” 8 Steps to Physical & Spiritual Health. Boatman is a Fox 2 Detroit Fitness Consultant and CEO of the “Working out with Lazet” Foundation, which has a program called “Get Fit for Prom…Get Fit for Life!” for high school students, currently at the (DIA) Detroit International Academy for Young Women High School. Boatman will be showing the children how to properly workout and stay physically fit during the school year.

The event sponsors and task force partners include Whole Foods, Health Alliance Plan, The McDonald’s Owners & Operators Association and Wayne State University. Individuals throughout the community including corporations and non-profit organizations have been invited to the table to help solve this plaguing issue.


About Pete Thomas

Pete Thomas is the Season 2 $100,000 At-home Winner of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser.”  Since his win in 2005, Pete Thomas has evolved into an acclaimed motivational speaker, highly skilled TV personality, teacher, fitness trainer and corporate wellness consultant.

Thomas helps companies increase employee participation in their health and wellness programs and provides customized educational and inspirational health and fitness content for Human Resource, Benefits and Wellness Directors.  Thomas has also helped over 200 individuals shed thousands of combined pounds with his personally developed Lose It Fast, Lose It Forever™ 10-week Nutrition and Exercise program.

Dubbed, “Mr. Biggest Loser” by executive producers of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser,” Pete has appeared on ABC’s The View, The 700 Club, and eXtra, as well as being featured in People Magazine, Runner’s World, TV Guide, inTouch Weekly, Real Health and commercials nationwide.  A full time motivational speaker, weight-loss coach, consultant, and product spokesman for companies such as NordicTrack and HealthPlus of Michigan,  Pete travels and spreads his “Winning Principles” to organizations worldwide—both in person and through his website at   To inquire about having Pete Thomas speak at your event, contact Anita Lane at 646.450.6214.

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