Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Don’t tell me; Teach me!


Don’t tell me; Teach me!

This is one of the best articles I have ever read. Ever.

You are the tree. The seed that you came from is your genetic inheritance. Some of you are oaks, others are cedars, and a few of you are Bonsais and for that I am sorry.

I am not a body builder or powerlifter, but the main point of this article—the fact that we learn things systematically, should be taught to every Health Care professional on the planet.

I am continually amazed—not just by the amount of confusion there is in the world of exercise and nutrition and wellness in general—but I am more amazed that NOBODY teaches the basics. Not nutritionist, RD’s etc. Now to be honest I know there have to be individuals that teach the basics but as a group, it seems as if everyone has their own ‘program’ or ‘principles’ or ‘plan,’ and so few people teach a basic set of information on which everything else is laid.

Maybe it’s related to the amount of schooling I missed when I was young, but what is called Systematic Education has been fundamental for me losing and keeping the weight off for these past 6 years. And it is why in my course, Lose It Fast Lose It Forever, before I answer the question, “How many times per day should I eat,” I ask (and answer) the question, “How many calories does your body require per day and what does your daily schedule look like?” To me there is a systematic progression to these things.

Here’s another example, before I dispel the myth that late night eating is bad, I teach on hormones and how they affect metabolism at different times of the day. To me 1 + 1 comes before 1 times 1. By the way, it’s not eating late at night that’s bad, it’s what you eat at night that is bad.

Lastly, I have often heard from various health professionals that people just don’t understand the basics (as I call them). The problem is not with the message, it is with the messenger.

In our school systems there are certain educators who are called ‘Master Teachers’ who can take complex subjects and make them come alive in various ways so that a variety of learners can grasp the subject matter. And then there are some educators who could not teach someone how to stop at a red light. The information can be the same but there are some folk who are just gifted teachers. It is not the message – it is how it is presented and by whom.

Before you teach serving sizes and “my pyramid” or “my plate” and whole grains, teach calories and grams (or ounces) and macro nutrients. Once people have an understanding of the basics, then progress from there. For this former fatty— that is Systematic Education.

Oh yeah, while you’re at it, get Dan’s book – regardless of whether you’re a power-lifter or not. The basic life lessons alone are worth more than double the price of the book.

Get Dan’s Book.


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