Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

Pete’s Tweets for 2009-03-15


  • In between my LIF2 classes – Teaching students to create Circuit Resistance Routines using Push Pull Splits w Cardio Intervals. #
  • is heading to bed after obsessively revising my LIF2 Class handouts. #
  • finished obsessively revising tonight’s LIF2 Class handouts. It would be so much easier to TELL instead of EDUCATE. #
  • just finished my speech for tonight – With only 10 minutes to present I will be on top of my ABC’s – Always Be Closing #
  • ready to get in an hour long run while listening to one of my uptempo mixes – Kiki, Mary Mary, Kirk and JMoss here I come. #
  • is ready for a lunch-time workout. #
  • is at the gym, changed clothes. Left my shoes at home :- ( Aurgh!!!! I need a movie. Watchmen here I come. #
  • is adding more resources for my LIF2 students. Next set of classes AND Home Study Course start April 20th #
  • is in Starbucks editing a video of a recent speaking engagement. I say some funny stuff! Well at least to me it’s funny. #
  • is looking forward to the Midwest’s best social network conference April 10th, 2009 #

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