Saturday, December 16th, 2017

Pete’s Tweets for 2009-03-22


  • is teaching my class today about the 3 energy systems Aerobic, Anaerobic (Lactate Threshold) and Vo2 Max and their proper use in weight loss #
  • heading to bed after tweaking the exam for my class. Next series start April 20th. Look for the Home Study Course also #
  • Morning thoughts. AIG Execs should fight back by putting up a blog detailing AIG political contributions. I bet they keep their bonus’ then #
  • Missed my freeway exit while thinking and driving. I might as well have been texting and driving! #
  • I need some vitamin D. Please sun stay out! #
  • Wow I actually have 1 hour of free time. Whatever shall I do? Oh – prep for my afternoon workout and tweet! #
  • Learn from smart people @adrianpittman @CharlieCurve @HajjFlemings @davemurr @drintelmann @bchesnutt @OptimalWebwork #followfriday #
  • I was interviewed regarding Weight Loss etc #
  • signing off for now to go get some work done – can you actually sign off from life? #
  • is watching the Michigan game and has a man crush on Blake Griffin. But who are these Wolverines! Go Blue! #
  • My buddies from Biggest Loser, Blaine and Dane completed an Olympic Triathlon today. Awesome! #
  • is finally headed to bed after renewing the anti-virus license, installing the eSata Terabyte backup drive, and changing the backup schedule #
  • completed a light 65 min Sunday Morning run. Avg heart rate 140. Church here I come. #
  • wonders what police tape around the doors of a bank might mean. Probably no more withdrawls today. #

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