Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

Pete’s Tweets for 2009-03-29


  • is headed to class to give my LIF2 students their final exam. Then to a late session in the gym. #
  • just spent 90 minutes dispensing major weight loss advice. First gym closed already. Now at my backup gym that’s open 24 hrs. #
  • need to find a WordPress ninja that can put up a couple of template sites with rss content quickly and affordably. #
  • Are you a WordPress ninja that can put up a couple of template sites with rss content quickly and affordably? Contact me. #
  • mchopin #
  • enjoyed tonight’s Biggest Loser and is very happy about his students weight loss results and is finally headed to bed! #
  • went to bed at 1am and is up at 6am heading off to the gym. I am already thinking about the nap I have scheduled! #
  • just came from courthouse proving I fixed my tailight. A $2.00 lightbulb saved me from a $120.00 ticket. OUCH! Got to love a broke state. #
  • headed to Starbucks and have the munchies – Skipping fast food drive thru for baked chicken and strawberries from the grocery store. #
  • is doing my part to contribute to the cause of fat loss. Writing up my Pyramid of Fat Loss – Effectiveness of exercise per hour of work. #
  • is studying #
  • just finished an awesome evening workout. Now to finish some work and crash. #
  • From Casting – All BIGGEST LOSER SEASON 8 FINALISTS will be notified by 4-23. Everyone just cross your fingers. It will be a GREAT season. #
  • Can someone dm me blake griffins stat line. #
  • Thks all 30 and 15 tonight #
  • is back at Starbucks. My second home. #
  • wondering why adwords keeps putting a ‘Have yellow teeth?’ ad on my screen – I am getting a complex! #
  • Wish I was at #SWD09 with the smart people. Instead I am at Starbucks picking my nose! Not really. Well. Except when people aren’t looking. #
  • is heading to bed to get some rest before a Sunday Morning run. #
  • ran for an hour while watching MSU win. Baa humbug. The Blake Griffin lost. Blah. Time to work and eat. No one from MSU had better msg me! #
  • is having a debate about if the SI Swimsuit issue should be considered reading. I say YES. Guys have to figure out a woman’s ‘likes’ #
  • headed to bed after a somewhat productive evening. #

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