Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

Pete’s Tweets for 2009-04-05


  • wrote a blog post with some fast food tips #
  • just finished teaching a special section of my weight loss classes in Detroit. Hmm gotta go national! #
  • is done studying. Time to work out then finish my Biggest Loser video update. #
  • I often get asked what is the ONE tip I can give to guarantee success at losing and keeping weight off. My answer is always the same. DIE. #
  • just finished a great press interview with Nicole from Biggest Loser – She has lost over 100 lbs at home. Amazing! vBlog coming soon. #
  • Whole foods is on to me. They have put up signs that say ‘one sample per customer’. Aurgh! Need a disguise. #
  • completed my Biggest Loser Weekly update #
  • Heading to the coffee shop to study. Then 7 million errands. Yes 7 million. I’m a superhero. I used to be called the SLUG. Now The FLASH! #

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