Saturday, December 16th, 2017

Pete’s Tweets for 2009-04-26


  • Every day above ground is a great day! #
  • is doing market research. Translation: Trying the grilled chicken at KFC. #
  • is feeling under this weather that keeps changing. 60’s Saturday 40’s today. Bleech! #
  • As a man, whenever you walk in a restroom and don’t see any stalls you may have made a wrong turn. #
  • completed the final night of my LIF2 mini-course in Detroit. Carla from BL7 stopped by for a special visit. Long but great night. #
  • completed my Biggest Loser Weekly update. Check the blog for a great motivational tip. #

  • just finished an interview with the NY Post. Probably won’t run. Success is not in vogue. #
  • tired from self punishment for slacking off this week. Got DROPPED OFF at the gym. Did 45 min weights and had to jog 1 hr 10 minutes home. #
  • Finished 65 min easy run. Now off to church. #

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