Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

Pete’s Tweets for 2009-05-03


  • 6:30am 60 Minute outdoor run complete. A good start to the day. Now I need breakfast water and a nap. Well maybe just breakfast n water 😉 #
  • Hit it hard w 30min run + 60min weights. Then had a Caesar Salad which BLEW 30 min of my workout! Cheese, egg & 240 cal packet of dressing! #
  • – Some of the 22 people that joined me last Saturday for a easy but long workout. #
  • I met a guy 70 y/o 350 lbs. He wanted to take my class. His Dr said he shouldn’t lose weight ‘that way’ because he’d have loose skin. No Lie #
  • Prepping to talk with Fillipe and my weekly Biggest Loser video update. #
  • Posted my Biggest Loser Video Update including some of my conversation with Filipe Fa. He REALLY loved train the trainer day! http://pin#
  • Posted my Biggest Loser Video Update. Filipe Fa REALLY loved train the trainer day! #
  • is ready to go to LA next Friday. Now I just need to find a place to crash. #
  • in an all-day seminar on a Saturday. Blah. #
  • Seminar is over and so is my Saturday. Auugghh! At Southfield Panera for now. #
  • workout complete. In church. #
  • Heading for an evening run in Gallup Park. #

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