Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

Pete’s Tweets for 2009-05-10


  • Biggest Loser Season 8 starts filming next week. #
  • Finished 60 min resistance routine and a 60 min run. Now working on my Biggest Loser Video update and prepping to talk w Ron and Mike. #
  • Finished my Biggest Loser weekly update with special finale week insight #
  • in the barber shop getting my gray hair dyed before going to California to hang with the BL peeps. Don’t tell my buddies! #
  • got my hair dyed red (not really) and I’m now at the Imax to see Star Trek instead of washing and packing. Can you say no sleep tonight? #
  • Flight boarding at 8.40. Left house at 8am. doing the OJ through the airport. No Not killing people. #
  • Headed for a run on the beach. #
  • Heading to see the contestants #
  • BL weigh-ins are going well! #
  • heading to see BL contestants get their spray tans – all 22 of them. #
  • is talking to world famous spray tanner Jimmy CoCo. He has tanned Eva Longorio and tons of other stars. And The Biggest Losers. #

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