Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Pete’s Tweets for 2009-06-07


  • Biggest Loser Drug Scandal – Did trainer Jillian Michaels give banned substances to contestants? #
  • Do you ‘love to eat’ or ‘love food’? I will blog about the difference soon. For a hint – look at how you eat. Comments? #
  • OK My comments are not showing up on twitpics #
  • had to layer up to run outdoors today. It is June already! I am sure that somehow it is the fault of global warming. Isn’t everything. #
  • at Zingerman’s with my buddy learning about 25 – 100 year old Balsamic Vinegar at $250 – $750 per 4 ounces! I’ll just have a water please. #
  • – Beef Roast Sandwich #
  • Completed two conference calls with Stephen and Tom. More info as they send me links. Tired of talking. Time for a run and some grub! #
  • WORKOUT WITH PETE – This Saturday Morning at the Football Field at Ypsilanti High School at 8AM SHARP! 2095 Packard Rd – Ypsilanti, MI 48197 #
  • had a Kickbutt workout with 20+ people this morning. Avg HR 83%-Max HR 99%. I was even tired afterward. If you were there send me comments! #
  • just finished a nice bike ride. 19.6 miles 1 hr 17 minute 15 mph avg max 33 mph. I love my Trex Nav 50. Time to shower and relax. #

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