Saturday, December 16th, 2017

Pete’s Tweets for 2009-06-14


  • Just got word! Biggest Loser Open Casting Calls start this month, June 2009! Detroit is scheduled for June 27th, 2009. More soon! #
  • just thinking – shouldn’t the same people who were against outsourcing be against foreign company ownership? #
  • is trying to find some total immersion (t i) swimming videos #
  • Ate extra lean turkey sausage and egg beaters for breakfast and finished my 60 minute jog. Prepping for BL casting interviews. More to come. #
  • just finished an awesome conference call with the VP of Casting for The Biggest Loser. Now if I can get my blog redesigned I can post it! #
  • I Hate Pittsburgh! Hockey is the one sport where 1 player can control the whole game (the goalie). #
  • Come on Red Wings! One more Goal to go! #
  • In our house. aauugghh. Still love those Wings but that hurts. #
  • raining and mid-fifties. Perfect group workout weather. However no one ELSE showed up at the track so I will wait until it warms up. #
  • Who sells cheap home-made cookies at a yard sale! Darn it they were good! Cookies + peanut butter = lunch. #
  • has a killer headache from the 3 cups of coffee on an empty stomach. All the carbs from yesterday should absorb some of this! #

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