Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Pete’s Tweets for 2009-06-21


  • headed to teach the only weight loss system ever created by a contestant based on his Biggest Loser and at-home success.
  • Ready for bed after a day filled with 3 meetings, a 90+ minute conference call, 90 minute run and all the regular stuff. Opportunity knocks #
  • Rode my bike to meet friends for an hour long workout at the track, created a facebook event, answered emails. Is it time for a nap yet? #
  • at a conference regarding Youth Aging out of Foster Care. I have lots of ideals but these folk are too overworked to think past the weekend #
  • Working on taking the noise out of my mp3 interview with the VP in charge of casting for the Biggest Loser. Aauugh not going well. #
  • Heard in the store from a father to his young son…’You dont want to get that now. Your birthday is coming up in six months.’ LOL! #
  • this was a new one. Someone recognized me and said “You That Dude”. I said, Huh? “You That Dude!” “Oh. Thanks. Good to meet you.” #
  • Heading to the track for our 8am workout. I feel sluggish. Perfect time for a group workout. #
  • in nerd mode. watching ‘Why we gain weight: Adiposity 101 and the alternative Hypothesis of Obesity’ And I love this stuff. #
  • working on a special weight loss project with one of my biggest loser alumni that has also kept the weight off. Great stuff. #
  • “Saying your fat because you overeat is like saying your an alcoholic because you drink too much” Correlation does not equal Causality. #

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