Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

Pete’s Tweets for 2009-07-05


  • One of my weight loss students challenged me to push ups on day 1 of class. I hate push ups. But he still got crushed! I’m Jillians spawn! #
  • Back at the Detroit Biggest Loser Call Backs. Great people coming through! #
  • Worked out one of the Biggest Loser Casting Directors this morning. Took it easy on her. Didn’t want her mad at the potential contestants. #
  • This team attached their pics and contact info to bags of cookies for the casting directors. They got a call back. Not due to the cookies! #
  • I hate sitting down all day!!! #
  • I need very overweight twins for Biggest Loser. Contact me. Please RT #
  • Check out Biggest Loser Casting Tips Podcast #
  • Special workout coming this Saturday July 4th. Be there! #
  • In Starbucks talking about nutrition and weight loss. I should be sleep. #
  • At the final day of Biggest Loser Casting Call Backs in Detroit. Update blog post is written and coming later today. #
  • Cracking up at the call backs. I missed Ron an Mike on saturday and I found out every other person was asking Mike if he had a girlfrien … #
  • At the call backs. I missed Ron n Mike on Saturday and I found out every other person was asking Mike if he had a girlfriend. LOL! #
  • Final day of Biggest Loser Detroit Casting Call Backs have wrapped! It was a great 5 days. I am missing Jodi DJ and Tad already. #
  • just recognized the old me. Saw a lady eating a huge sandwich while driving. #
  • Speaking at local library with Obesity Experts next week. This should be fun! #
  • Workout w Pete this Saturday July 4th, 8AM SHARP!
    Ypsilanti High School
    Shadford Football Field
    2095 Packard Rd.
    Ypsilanti, MI 48197 #
  • Done with the 4th of July workout. 2+ hours of intense exercise FOLLOWED by a 5k. 30 started. Most stayed for 2 hrs. 6 completed EVERYTHING. #
  • – 6 Finishers July 4th workout #
  • – 6 Finishers July 4th Workout #
  • – The perfect way for a grown man to enjoy his birthday. #

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