Saturday, December 16th, 2017

Pete’s Tweets for 2009-07-19


  • Headed to my weight loss classes. Todays topic covers Pt 1 of Intense Exercise. I wonder if Saturdays Triathlon qualifies as a good example? #
  • Getting back in the groove. Saturday Triathlon, Sunday off day, Monday 30 min Run 30 Weights, Tuesday slacked off, Today 18 mile bike ride. #
  • Thinking about a conversation Blaine, Matt and I had in the water at the Triathlon. Matt said ‘Well I must be a football player.’ Sorry … #
  • Note to self: When it looks like a big mound of bread and tastes like syrup and its late at night, don’t eat the whole container. Just run. #
  • Posted a new blog post with video about last weeks triathlon #
  • Message: “Workout With Pete This Saturday July 18” – #
  • Finished my workout and my tape ’22 Immutable Laws of Marketing’ #

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