Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

Weight-Loss Wednesday: Quit!


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Yesterday on Facebook I mentioned that there comes a time when you must move on. You must make a change. I suggested that you don’t always have to finish what you started. For some, this seems like blasphemy, I know. We pride ourselves on our can-do spirit and the “ain’t no mountain high enough” mentality that says we can put men on the moon, and that we can build a better mousetrap. If we are asked about our commitment to beliefs, tasks, and principles, none of us want to answer, “well, sometimes I give up.”

But I say it’s OK to give up on some things. Quit. Never look back.

I say this because sometimes if something isn’t working – like a diet, exercise routine, a schedule – don’t try and force it. Do you think, before “The Biggest Loser,” that I might have tried, oh, once or twice to drop a few pounds? And do you think I might have stuck with something for too long, even though I knew in my heart I couldn’t make it work (think: cabbage-only diet for example)?

I quit and started anew and lucky for me “The Biggest Loser” called, and the rest is history.

This is why I’m encouraging you to try Slim U.  My students share a similar story. They paid for a gym membership for years and never went to the gym. Or they bought a pair of running shoes but remembered, hey, they hate running.  Some bought a home-gym, but realized they hated the smell and mood in their damp basement. And that’s OK. Ask some of the most in-shape, fit, thin people in the world about things they love and things they hate, and some of them will tell you they hate being cooped up in a gym with a bunch of sweaty people and dry air. Some champion triathletes will admit they hate running. Does this sound like you? Do you hate what you’re doing? Do you want to quit what you’re doing and try something new–something that gets results?

My Slim U Boot Camp is just what the doctor ordered.

Do you want to see what it’s all about? Check out SLIM U on Tues, Thurs and Saturdays… AND, join me and HealthPlus for an Interactive Health and Fitness Seminar – Saturday, October 22nd or November 5th.

Admission is $20, but free for HealthPlus members.  The event includes a full breakfast, workshop materials, prize drawings and giveaways, great information and resources, and fun activities to keep you on your toes.  Register online.  For more information, call 1-866-810-4540.

To pre-register for the October 22nd Seminar in Saginaw, visit:
8 AM – 12 Noon
Horizons Conference Center
6200 State Street
Saginaw, MI

To pre-register for the November 5th Seminar in Flint, visit:
8 AM – 12 Noon
Holiday Inn Gateway Center
5353 Gateway Centre
Flint, MI

We’re going to have a great time. We’re going to learn a lot. You’re going to make the changes  you’ve wanted to make in your life, changes you’ve been thinking about for a long, long time.

See you there. Don’t wait. Space is limited (I wish I could host 400, 500, or 1,000 …believe me). Register today!


About HealthPlus of Michigan

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About Pete Thomas

Pete Thomas is the Season 2 $100,000 At-home Winner of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser.”  Since his win in 2005, Pete Thomas has evolved into an acclaimed motivational speaker, highly skilled TV personality, teacher, fitness trainer and corporate wellness consultant.

Thomas helps companies increase employee participation in their health and wellness programs and provides customized educational and inspirational health and fitness content for Human Resource, Benefits and Wellness Directors.  Thomas has also helped over 200 individuals shed thousands of combined pounds with his personally developed Lose It Fast, Lose It Forever™ 10-week Nutrition and Exercise program.

Dubbed, “Mr. Biggest Loser” by executive producers of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser,” Pete has appeared on ABC’s The View, The 700 Club, and eXtra, as well as being featured in People Magazine, Runner’s World, TV Guide, inTouch Weekly, Real Health and commercials nationwide.  A full time motivational speaker, weight-loss coach, consultant, and product spokesman for companies such as NordicTrack and HealthPlus of Michigan,  Pete travels and spreads his “Winning Principles” to organizations worldwide—both in person and through his website at   To inquire about having Pete Thomas speak at your event, contact Anita Lane at 646.450.6214.

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