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This Is For The Runner In You


Zig Ziglar Success For DummiesAre you a runner?  Ever thought about running?  I did. Nearly 8 years ago I was listening to this awesome tape Series by Zig Ziglar and in it, Zig described the process whereby he took up running.  He explained his nearly year long journey from hating every minute of running to actually experiencing a runners high.  After listening to that tape I set a goal for myself – I was going to become a ‘runner’.  My only problem at the time was that I was over 410 lbs. But I set the goal!

Since setting that goal I have been featured in Runners World, completed 2 Olympic Distance Triathlons, a full Marathon, several half Marathons, too many 5k’s to mention as well as a period of time where I ran 5 miles per day 6 days per week.  

 While I am not going to take the time to explain all of my struggles and transformation along the way to becoming a runner – I reserve that for my Motivational Speeches and the students of my Lose It Fast program –  I have learned a great deal of information about running along the way.  So I wanted to give you a couple of articles that should be beneficial no matter what level of runner you are.

Speaking of levels of runners.  Remember that not all information is applicable to you.  Read these articles below with your particular situation in mind.

Is Running Safe?

Heard bad things about Runners Knees?  Well running long term can actually keep you from suffering knee injuries as long as you have never suffered a knee injury to begin with.  How so?  Well the knee actually develops a ‘Motion Grove’ over time that can actually protect the knee.

Check out the explanation in this New York Times Article

However, newbies may want to watch out for the marathons.  A doctor who specialized in running once told me that the body was not designed to run for 26 miles, especially on hard surfaces. 

This article discusses some possible issues with Marathons.

But the issues are still being studied and researched. So keep running!

 Beginning, Overweight and Recreational Runners

Buy a motioned controlled, support shoe and take a beginning running class that focus’ on Heart Rate training and learn to ‘land’ on your mid and forefoot. Oh, and don’t buy your shoes from the same place you buy your groceries.

New York Times Article about the proper fit of your running shoes

Experienced and Competitive Runners

Thinking about Barefoot Running, Vibram Five Fingers or other Minimalist shoes?  Read these two articles and get the whole story first. Basically you want to work your new shoes into your routine slowly to avoid injuries.

From Runners World

From the Master, Phil Moffetone


If you are overweight and sedentary you ARE going to get arthritis of the knees and die early of coronary heart disease related to your obesity and miss your grandkids lives.

The other option: Get moving, start walking and then eventually take up running and lose weight and improve your health and live a full healthy life. Oh yeah, you might mess up your knees along the way but by then you can just switch to swimming or cycling, right?


There’s a Winner Within You!

Pete Thomas


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  1. very well said… if you feel that you are overweight, better have some exercise this early stage of you life.

  2. N. Dwight says:

    Quite an interesting and informative article! Thank you!